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Greetings ladies and gentlemen,
For some frontal lobe stimulation, here's some cheap entertainment provided by a cheap pH/conductivity/concentration meter...

outdoor crop from feminized seeds, roots popped (in germination) may 6th, sprouted from soil on may 12th more or less
3 Jack Herer in a pot with soil, 1 Hash Passion in a pot with soil

I've been feeding my ladies with the 20-20-20 garden variety granular mix and mixing conservatively at 10ml/4L (see the results in table form below) up until about 2 weeks ago. the odd time, i would increase the mix to 15mL/4L during feeding (more on this as an aside). my 7 day feeding/watering schedule has been feed/feed/water/feed/feed/water/nothing. after 10 or 11 weeks, i flushed for 5 days and introduced the Pro Nitro (part 2) and Bloom (part 3) at very marginal concentrations (5ml/4L). Yesterday while grocery shopping i spotted this African Violet liquid fert with interesting N-P-K at 8-14-9. I hadn't tested my water chemistry or nutrient chemistry because i forgot i had the pH-conductivity meter. so 11 weeks into my grow, i know what i've been giving the girls at mealtime! interesting results. i haven't committed to the African Violet food for my flowering stage but a little bit of this stuff in the first 2 weeks of flowering stage seems appealing. anybody ever use this stuff?

the table has ppm S (salinity), ppm (TDS total dissolved solids), conductivity (microsiemens/cm), TDS in mg/L



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Lol, I used that "in a pinch" years ago. <SHRUGS> It worked; wasn't the best, but it was there.

roaring lion

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thanks tortured soul,

i'm going to use it for a couple weeks in the very beginning of flowering, like starting now. i know they don't need much N, but that's a nice dose of P for the first couple weeks. then i'll back off and go to 2-4-4 of the Pro-Nitro (part 2) and Bloom (part 3). cheers.
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