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Bacon Doggie treats

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Try getting streaky bacon, cooks as usual in hot oven, sprinkle shake or kief over top, and rub in melted fat and bacon with back of spoon, and pop back in oven, turning oven off, let oven cool down, crumble up bacon, and store in bottle.
Give to dog as required. They love them, go easy, not too much until you know what works for your best friend.
I used this on an old pug, he could hardly walk outside to pee, after just a little and about 30 minutes he was acting like a pup almost, he could even lift his leg to pee, something he hadn't done for many years. Have given to many many old dog owners since

Do not, repeat do not eat this yourself, you poor pup will hate you for eating its treat :thumb:

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Very nice post, up side down! :3:

I know you already said this in your post, but we can't stress this enough - please be extra careful when medicating your pets with Cannabis. Never, ever give it to them unless they actually need it and always be sure to give them the appropriate dosage for their weight/size/tolerance level.

It's always nice to hear how our beloved animal companions benefit from this wonderful plant as well.

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