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Bad Air? Yellow Leaves


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I germinated a bunch of seeds with hopes of having 6 strong females to bring to maturity, but I'm having issues with some of my plants showing distress while some of my plants appear to be fine.

This is a closet set up with poor man's equipment ~ 5 clamp lights with 5000K CFL Flood Lights in a 4'x4'x4' closet and 40 seedlings. They are each in their own tall growing cup (recently transplanted ~ none root-bound), being watered from the bottom with city tap water. They do not appear to be overwatered, nor do they have any bug problems. They receive fish emulsion fertilizer and a constant flow of air in/out of the closet via exhaust/intake fan, with 18hrs of light on a timer. Temps remain constant around 70-75 with occasional water misting from a spray bottle. I do try to exchange CO2 as much as I can and plan to buy some CO2 when i have more money. I'm wondering if the air is bad or if there are too many plants competing for the limited CO2 thereby stunting and discoloring some of my seedlings ...

Six of the seedlings are from a California strain, and the remaining seedlings are from a Maine strain. I am currently in Maine.

I've attached pictures of my plants ~ as you can see, some of my plants appear perfectly ok but many of my smaller plants are showing signs of distress, all beginning on the bottom most leaves ...

This is only my 3rd attempt to grow. My last attempt was a success with the same light, water, fertilizer, closet, air and temps ... but the last attempt did not involve so many seedlings ... i only had 4 or 5 seedlings and ended up with 1 mature plant in the end ...

I have not tested the soil's pH levels yet, nor have I tested the CO2/temp/humidity levels ...

Can you take a look at my pictures and give me some feedback ?? I suspect I may have more than one problem ...

Thanks for sharing your wisdom !! :peace2:



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Maybe to much nutes/soil/always let ur city water sit to get chlorine out.48 hours let it sit at least//


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Yeah ur nutes are off/ maybe your soil/


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Nutes????? 1 plant all yellow,tryd to small of pot and soil. Learnd a lesson!!!
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