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:peace: Malawi Gold from Holy Smoke Seeds is one of the best and original Rare African Landrace Genetics that you can find from Attitude Seedbank. They are currently out of stock.. but I would like to say that if you are familiar with these Rare Landrace Gems like the Malawi Gold.. Peace and Blessings to you. Remember to always preserve, preserve, and preserve such Rare Landrace Genetics like the Malawi Gold. Learn the art of seed making so that you can have these rare genetics for the future and the future generations. Remember that many Rare Landrace Genetics like Pure Colombian Gold Genetics from (Gage Green) Seeds for example are hard to find or discontinued. Same as Angola Landrace strain which only few people possess in the world. So remember Don't let such Rare Genetics like Malawi Gold go extinct. Cheers to like minded people who understand the Natural Beauty of what Nature gots to offer to Humanity and its Creatures.

Here is some info from HolySmokeSeeds Seedbank (Malawi Gold)

HolySmokeSeeds present: 3 soaring psychoactive Sativas from the heart of Africa !! In this ever changing environment its essential to house and maintain our irreplaceable landrace Sativa strains , with up to 20% THC these have a soaring high and huge potential along with being exceptionally pure and strong these are actually very rare genetics and have been maintained as such by one of Africas best breeders for 20 some years and as far as we know can only be obtained through this source. As a medicine these oils are sent Worldwide to treat a vast number of ailments and are highly recognised for their healing potential. Maintaining plant genetics has been the number one goal here and were honoured to offer some these rare but powerful healing gems to the European market so everyone can now benefit.. Malawi Gold : Finally available in seed form the World renowned Malawi Gold, South Africas most sought after Sativa, for its sweet earthy to lemonesque scents and flavour very easy to grow with heavy results common as dense buds swell and grow and a stone of exceptional quality , beautiful earthy and introspective that works on so many levels you can feel the history these plants have with mankind.. Traditionally these buds are wrapped in banana leaves and buried to cure which produces a very smooth and ush palette A very popular choice for those in the know.. genetics : 100% Malawi Gold landrace Sativa flavour : sweet/lemon THC : 14-18% yield : 650/750 gm flower time : 10/12 weeks :peace:
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