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Bag of Trim


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Do a search on Google or YouTube (probably some videos linked on this site in 420 TV). There are lot's of good methods to make hash.


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I have been in the same shoes as you with 2 plants worth of trim. The problem is most of it is garbage. The large fan leaves contain no THC and are not worth trying to process into something smokeable. The smaller leaves closest to the buds is what you are after, anything with crystals on it. The problem is 2 plants really doesn't give you that much of the stuff you want.

Anyway, some of your options are...

1. Silkscreen it.
2. Make Iso. hash (not my favorite but ok)
3. Make hash oil using butane. (do it carefully)
4. Make bubble hash. (with filter bags)
5. Just smoke the dry leaves (a little harsh but ok to add a little to a J)

Search for these subjects furthur for more info.
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