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Bag Seed - 42W CFL - Organic Soil Grow - 2014


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Hi im sativa
from new orleans living in texas
This is a INDOOR grow ORGANIC soil just a miracle grow mixture.
This is my first grow looking for all advice, motivation and anything that will help.
I have high hopes and very motivated.




Veg 2 weeks
Pot size 2 gallons
2 plants 1 150/32 w cfl

i want to veg to maybe 2ft

Looking for any feedback.
Do these hopefully soon to be ladies look healthy? Noticed yellowing and purplish stems
Anyone watching, enjoy the ride.


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Subbed. If you are getting yellowing of the leaves its a nitrogen deficiency. To young to root bound. Purple stems could be a few different things. Try using some cal/ mag on your next watering. Dose the mg soil have time release in it. What line of ferts are you using. Just give us the info, and we will help the best we can. One more thing I don't see any holes in those buckets for drainage. Also try to get a pH level of your water, and runoff pH also. This type of info is helpful to us. Plus makes it easier to diagnose problems.


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Thanks so much for the reply dunc !
As a beginner your questions opened me up to getting seriously educated. On that note
the fert im using is called miracle gro organic choice


is it any good?

the soil does have a time realease of nitrogen, it says it continually feeds for up to 2 months
thanks for pointing that out i didnt know anything about that.
I do have holes in these bad boys for drainage.
As for my ph im working on getting this meter within the week
so i will be able to give you that info !


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Hey no problem. My first mistake was mg soil with time release. If you continue to use the mg be careful. With you adding nutes, and mg having time release it can be very easy to burn them up. No way to control the nutes. I would also recommende getting a ferts that is 10-8-10 or so. These are npk values. I use a age old formula of 12-6-6 for my veg stage. Flowering is a totally different style of nutes. I'm not gonna lie I'm new to this to, as it is my first time also. By being here on the site and doing my own research I have gained valuable info. Just keep asking ? And you will get all the right answers. Great start. Feel free to check my journal out. Just clink link below.


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Thanks pantagruel PH meter comming soon
I see what you mean by burning them with too much
i will go on the look out for new ferts of 10-8-10
i will continue to post and question after all , it just leads to guidance and expierence
and i will check your journal out !
How long should i veg before flowering ?


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You can veg as long as you want since your indoors. Then only problem you will run into is space. Once they hit a foot tall or more you can turn them over to 12/12 schedule. You can also do this to determine sex of the plant. Then you change back to 18/6 to continue veg stage. Remember we want females for best results. You probably won't find a 10-8-10 as I've never seen one that way. But all grow shop differ from one to another. I have three grow shops I go to just because of the different products each one has to offer. Try to get more nitrogen for veg though. If your gonna do this I recommend changing out the mg soil for something better. This way you control what nutes she gets.


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OK ive been hearing and reading good thing about fox farms soil? Thats a really good idea man thank you this information is priceless, i really want to learn how to maintain healthy plants. right now the big one is about 4 inches and the small one 2 1/2 inches.
i keep the lights on 24/7 and i have a fan for ventilation.


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You need more light. How many to you have. I have read 100 watts for one plant. Then double it for each additional plant. As im not a hundred percent on this. Google indoor lighting cannabis. You'll be amazed on what you can find. I also believe I see purple on the stems. When you go to the grow shop get some cal/mag. You can get this for about 10 to 15 bucks depending on the size you buy. The one in they yellow bucket seems to be nutes burn or not enough nitrogen. I say change the soil out add your new ferts. Then watch her blossom. Defiantly more light though. Oh and fox farms is great. Make sure you got proper drainage. Have you had any problems with watering. I did in the beginning. In learned fast. A hint from one grower to another one finger in the dirt up to second knuckle. Is she even slightest damp or moist wait one more day. Make sure soil is dry up to that second knuckle before watering.


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i only have a 150w cfl right now. Its no problem to get more i thought i need a little extra light in here. i will do more research make adjustments and you guys will see improvement on my next update ! thanks for the all the help Dunc reading thru your journal now man
you seem really dedicated and stoked also ! stay up until next time!


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3 weeks flowering



Any advice welcome
Foxfarm oceansoil
350 cfl wattage
big bloom and mollasses only nutes so far
Any help ?
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