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Bag Seed Ready?


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Is there a way to tell if a bag see is ready to be germinated? Like does the shell look different if it is ready to go. I tried like five seed the other day and not one sprouted.


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Darker seeds are usually more viable. White or light colored seeds are usually imature. Some old growers use a cup of water to determibe viability. if it floats it suppose to be a bad seed. IMO this method isn't fool proof and don't use it but I have friends who swear by it.


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this is what I do. Take the seed, place them in a green dish cloth not used soak it then place warm area, open it after 24 hrs if starting to dry soak it again. seeds should be ready to plant in 2 days max


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i did something like that with my last 2 seeds. i had them in a wet napkin in a bag and had nothing after about 2 days so i took the bag and put it in a dish rag in my vent for the heat in the house and they popped overnight like that
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