Bag Seeds


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Hey guys

I am currently growing some plants from bag seed. The weed they came from wasn't the greatest but some solid middies. I kinda decided spur of the moment to germinate a few and within a few days I had 15 going. I currently have 13 plants that are about a month old and between 9-13" and most have 6-7 nodes. They are under (4) 75 watt flouros. I am going to be transplanting them outside in mid-May. My questions are:

1. Is there any rule of thumb about how many may be females given the characteristics and genetics?

2. Any ball park ideas about how much I may get per plant?


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female to male ratios will be lower due to the unknown genetics...but you will still have females its gaurenteed to atleast have one...

since your growing with floros for the start of vegging and transplanting outside you could probly pull a couple ounces each from a plant
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