Bagseed LED Closet Grow

0.7g/W isn't bad at all, especially considering the total running cost of the 120w LED! :goodjob:

Thanks for showing us what the 120w could do! It's a nice size lamp for those in tiny spaces ;)
Thanks much for the comment. Slight harshness getting better each day. The main cola was an oz. by itself. May try an exotic next time. Anyone got any ideas? I like the idea of growing white widow. They say its a powerful stone....
Specifically something that yields big and packs a punch. If these fit the bill I'll consider them, thanks. Looks like the white widow is powerful but not the best yielder. So my closet grow seems to be a success. Couple of things I learned. Never germinate just one seed. Even if thats all you want to grow is one plant, always sprout at least two. Bagseed, if from some kickass weed, can be grown to be better than the mother plant it came from (if that makes any sense). Still I think the overall quality is going to better from seeds that come from seed banks. Thanks for looking.
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Re: Harvest!! Dry weight!! Smoke report!!!!

Well here is the final update on this GLH 120w LED bagseed grow. I harvested last Monday and today after 6 days of hanging and drying the final dry weight was taken. Drum roll please....3 OUNCES! Not bad I say.

So its in the jars now for curing and as for the all important smoke report? Here it iz: The smoke has a nice underwelming mild taste and is a little on the harsh side (which should correct itself during curing). It tastes and looks nothing like the weed the seeds came from. It does however pack a mean long lasting punch which is very heady and heavy. Nice though so I am impressed. I have more of those seeds so I may try another one. Only thing is the buds are a little fluffy. Don't know if thats the LED's or the strain or me or what? But nevertheless its early on effect is good and will only get better with time and curing so all is good. Glad that the LEDs did their thing so to all the naysayers on LEDs,well the proof is in the pudding. Think I'll have some pudding right now.....Thanks for looking.

Hi mortimer,

I'm new. Just went through and checked out your grow. I too am looking at the LED lamps. This was nice work. Couple things for your future efforts: Use BLACK and DEEPER containers next time. This could well account for the fluffy buds and the yield. The roots need more space to spread out, and they need to be surrounded by complete darkness. Other than that, I think this was a good showing for the LED. Congrats and happy smoking... j
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