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Helping a friend and inherited 3 bag seed plants that supposedly 5 weeks old all plants have been growing in FFOF. The tallest was in a 3 gal container that had about one gal of FFOF. The other two were in quart sized seedling containers. All 3 were root bound, dehydrated, and the smaller 2 plants were not getting proper lighting and are dwarfs. None of them has received any nutes so at least I don't have to worry about nute lock.
The tallest plant was brought home last Wednesday and I have repotted her and fed with FF Comeback at full strength. I topped her and did some defoliation and training trying to get her healthy.

Brought 2 of them home last night after repotting. Fed both the FF Comeback. They are covered in itty bitty limbs topped one and started LST. The other I really don't know what to do with her.

Oh and these are currently in me closet due to the fact that weather will have lows in the upcoming weeks near 0 F, can't heat me grow room efficiently enough to justify running heaters etc...

Anyhow here are some pics.
The first one is the tallest which has been topped
The next 2 are of the dwarf plant
The last 2 are of the other stunted plant topped and repotted.
@NuttyProfessor and @VetSmoke85 a bit unsure about a micro grow here. Plants are really small and since I am good on medicine I thought I would try some micro grow for shits and giggles:)

Fed BT FF Microbe Brew and did some defoliation on BO. Look at the pics and you can see how small BO is. BO has an interesting feature, one of her lower branches split naturally:cool:
DB is another that I really don't know what to do so while she recovers I will see what others think.:nomo:
Pic 1 is the split branch BO
Pic 2 side view BO
Pic 3 top view BO
Pic 4 DB
They have responded well, BT was fed Big Bloom 2 days ago and she loved it new bud site growth everywhere. BO was fed Big Bloom yesterday and she is responding well also. BD is a different story. Repotted her yesterday and watered with Microbe Brew to help the root growth.
Pics 1 and 2 are BT with new growth.
Pic 3 is BO
Pic 4 BD repotted.
Watered DB today with FF Grow Big at fs. She had a little bit of new growth on her I think she might make it. I probably will top her and keep her in veg for a while.

BT had her top two limbs pulled down today and in 6 1/2 hours the limbs went from being tied down to a good start on turning up towards the light. What I am trying to do is keep the upper branches as low as possible. This will allow all the bud sites on the limb to start vertical growth. I have it pictured with the limbs growing in the shape of longhorn steers with the buds growing vertically along the length of the limb.

Pic 1 is right after tying the limbs down.
Pic 2 is 6 1/2 hours later
Pull up a seat @Dusty Kiefers
I will try to post daily, and not all of the posts will be pictures. Quick brief on set up: TS1000 LED lights on 18/6 currently, Rain Science 7 gal grow bags, 10 qt pot, FFOF and FF nutes. I follow the FF feeding schedule and water as needed. Long pipe cleaners for training purposes.

Removed the pipe cleaner from the center of BT this evening and you can really see the scar where I pulled a bit to hard on the limb. No worries at the time tho cause it has stabilized and will regain some strength.

Rearranged BO's attachments today and the naturally split limb is doing well. When BT is ready to flip I will flip BO also but still unsure about BD.
Greetings @Thirvnrob and maybe you can help solve this one. When I picked up BT she was in a corner on the floor and looks like she had not been moved for a long time. She was not getting sufficient light and one side had some leaves that showed light deficiency and and were light green from what I suspect was her cannibalizing those leaves for N. I think that is the weaker side of the plant so the growth will be more stunted.

Well new growth shows something I can't quite figure out.:confused: One of the leaves has 1/2 of the lobe a lighter color than the rest of the leaf. There are 2 large fan leaves that have variegated coloring. All of these along with other leaves that have a different color variation throughout the leaf. I believe

First two are same leaf, fist taken the 11th second taken today. Coloration of leaf changed, due to lighting IMHO.

Now this leaf is new growth and is on same side of plant and you can see below the other variegated fan leaf.
No shortage of possibilities, but she was clearly neglected, hence under nourished & probably doing all she could to survive. My guess is it will take her a week or so to find a rhythm and really begin to flourish...
Watered BT this morning and gave a prophylactic dose of calmag 4.5 mil in 1.25 gal water. Have noticed the tips of the older leaves starting to turn white. Even tho she has not been feed well and received improper lighting she has grown under LED lights her whole life. My light mfg recommends calmag also.

Have noticed that as I am pulling the branches horizontal the branch is pushing the fan leaf directly below it downward. I have already had t prune the lower fan leaves to keep them outta the soil.

Used a piece of pipe cleaner and fishing weight to hang from branch. Put it on BD yesterday and it is still suspended hidden under the canopy. I have seen people put stakes in their containers to try and hold the branches down and this works well also.

First two pics are weight for training
Lower fan leaf on BT
BT after watering
BD is looking much better new growth, even tho it is still tiny. Fed with fs Big Grow for the first time. Topped her yesterday.
Beautiful work my friend. Clean neat tidy, great use of the pipe cleaner and weight. Im going to follow along and keep learning your methods. :thumb:
Pruned the strongest 3 branches of BT last night. One side of the plant seems to be stronger than the other so I am pruning them to encourage the weaker side to develop some more. I am trying to create one canopy for all of the bud sites so I have to slow the stronger branches to encourage the weaker branches to develop.
Moved some of the top growth to open areas to help in slowing their stretch. In addition the lower growth that I plan on coming up through the open space is getting better light. Even used the weight to pull a branch down.

You have to be cognizant of your attachment locations. Checked the pipe cleaner attached to the main stalk and sure enough the stalk had grown enough to create a small crease. If I had not checked the possibility of weakening the circulatory system of the plant could have occurred.

My home made clone bin, 60w led burple light in a storage tote. Cutting in solo cup under humidity dome with rh near 60-70. Cutting from the top of BD.

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