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Bagseed UFO LED LST - Intersex buds or swollen calyces?


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Hi everyone!

Long time lurking, first time posting; apologies if I've missed anything vital.

I've been growing on and off for a number of years now, starting with a 600W HPS we "reconditioned" from a street light - now moving to 90 x 3w UFO LED supplemented with CFLs when needed - due to environmental needs.

This grow was really just an experiment to test conditions for future grows, using only bagseed this time. (i've GSC, Sour D, Critical + and Bubblegummer lined up once optimal).

A little information:
Multi-purpose none enriched compost and perlite mix ~65/35
Around 30 day veg under 5 x CFL ~230W total true draw @ 6500k
Currently about 11 days flower under the 90x3w UFO LED full spec (12 inch from canopy) + 3 x 20w 2700K CFL (4 inch from canopy)
Using molasses every feeding + 10ml per gallon bloom fertiliser
Run off PHd @ ~5.8
Wardrobe (5ft x 3ft x 2ft) with Mylar coating, 2 intake PC fans and 2 extractor fans at top
RH stable @ 40% doors closed
Canopy top temp probe reads 27°c doors closed with light level @ 28°c

So she seems to love the penetration and intensity the LED looks to provide - she has thrived throughout and seems to have just appeared from nowhere!

Quite recently I've noticed most of the top (highest exposed) buds have, what looks to be, little yellow lumps or balls. Not typical of a crab claw or pre-nanner.

I've cut one off and it seemed to be dense plant matter...


They're incredibly hard to take a good, defining photo of. Apologies for that.

Instantly I thought this may be an actual intersex plant, showing true male and female organs in the same buds.
I even started germinating the Sour D!

I don't like to make rash decisions quickly, so I've let her progress a little further and she seems to be sprouting more and more pistilate as hours go by.

Could these be swollen calyces and I'm just jumping the gun? She's looking beautiful so I'd prefer to get the advice and opinion from the people that have taught me so much over the years - you guys.

She does have a sister whom I had to separate in veg due to showing me a crab claw and pistil on separate nodes.
The sister is currently doing fine in a separate makeshift CFL flowering box. The sister does not have the same look to her buds however, hers being what I'd call a typical bud look and density.

I've supplied more photos of the potential intersex plant below.


A massive thank you for all of the silent help I've gained over the years from you guys, and a huge thank you in advance for continuing to impart your wisdom in the future.




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Just a quick update for the sake of anyone stumbling across this with the same question as I brought!

Nugs seem to forming well, there's quite a possibility I could say (even at this early stage) that they're swollen female plant matter. I've seen it in Sour Diesel, the lump effect, but I highly doubt the bag I had was this strain. At least I'd be highly surprised - as it would have been a sh*t grow.

Still some questionable parts I've got a close eye on, however. You'll know which photo I'm referring to - but I'm quite sure it's the bud that I took one of the lumps from, so I think it may be scarring/healing site.

Here's the photos:

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