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hey yall...my first grow...cfls in a closet..with seed i got from some very high quality bud. i had the seed over a year bfore planting. the plant is really thriving...at 13 days today..its over a foot tall very large thick or wide leaves with growth at all the nodes..I think it would be considerd 4 nodes..looks really healthy..has a nice green smell to it. i did burn 1 of the first sets of leaves with the bulb...im currently using 1 55 watt 1 32 watt and two 26 watt cfls. in potting soil..dont have a meter to check the ph..will get one..will litmus strips work?...im retired so i have the time..i was going to fim her. ( better be a her!!!)..this seed came out of a bud about two inches thick and round..it was great smoke. im really surprised at how well she is doing. im changing from tap water to either distilled or rev osmosis.. which is better? got the lights runnin 24 hrs. ive read that the odd seed found in a good bud is a feminised seed....is this true...was the plant herme? she has a nice thick stalk. i think im going to let the plant tell me how to grow her. if she is thriving im gonna let her vegg..she appears to be growing very bushy. will buy some new lights as she grows and start a high nitrogen fertilzer soon. found some at lowes 30-10-10. for 3 bucks will post some pics when i figure out how.. oh yeah she is in a 3 gallon pot..sufficent? thanks in advance


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