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So my grow from BagzGrooves Second Grow failed. . . due to an ex girl who decided to rip out all but one plant. . . ( we were fighting and she wasn't an ex yet. . lol ) Anyway. . . believe it or not that survivor was female, and hence the begining of my perpetual grow. . .

My plan was to start with seed and move to flowering clones. I have creatively named my plant sets A, B, and C. . .lol

A - Sole survivor and currently flowering, harvest due 5/20. (1 plant)
B - also flowering but not due for harvest till 6/16 (2 plants)
C - is still in veg and won't be in flower till after 5/6 (3 plants)
A1 - are clones from A and just rooted and started growth, they were taken 3 weeks into A's flowering. For those that are interested in flowering clones, they took 1.5 weeks to root and start to show growth. I used Schultz rooting hormone. . . and soil. . . I'm new to cloning, but I took 3 clones and all 3 are doing fine.

Scheduling seems t be my issue at the moment. . . as it is June will be a tight month in the flower chamber, with 8 plants max ( after sexing B and C ). . .A1 will be in there too at this time. . . but I'll also have 2 Harvests 2 weeks apart in June. . . Growing perpetual with seed is tough. . . Germination is not exact as to the time it takes to become a seedling, and how many will. . . I don't recomemnd sticking with seed when doing this kind of grow. As I said earlier, I am new to cloning, so I have seeds to back up my mistakes. . . but so far so good.

I'll post pics tonight, right now both cabs are in darkness. :peace:

P.S. for the grow team or anyone with flowering clone experience. . .
I had asked before in another thread but I think it was missed or misunderstood. . . Can I continually clone? meaning when A1 ( a clone) gets to about 3 weeks in flowering, be cloned? And is there and end to how many times I can do this? I know its not a copy of a copy, its basicly extending the original plant I think, which is why I think there would be a limit. Am I off on this? Thanks peeps. . .:peace:
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Shitty luck on the lady ripping up the garden! Good luck getting it going again.

What I've read about the cloning is that you can do it for many, many generations before there would be any noticible decline (if any) in the yeild/taste etc. I have seen differing opinions, but that's kinda my take on it :) GL man!


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Re: Bagz Grow Journal / PICS

The Family

A1 Clones


B (one on the right showed me his balls yesterday. . .Its now dead. . . )

A (The upper section anyway. . .)

Thats all for now. . .:peace:


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Thanks. . . only real issues I seem to be having at the moment is scheduling for flower time. . . after my harvest on the 20th, I should have a better grip on the timing. .. Flowering clones grow strangely. . lol The 3 I have seem to have an S shape. . I have growth in all 3 now, over an inch over the past couple of days, but bud sites are still showing up as well. Pistols and all. . . IDK, first clones ever, so not exactly sure what to expect. . . :peace:


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Nice Bagz.

I to have flowering clones. And they are also groing a bit strange. However, it looks as if the newly developing growth is becoming more normal. I also have bud sites that develope pitsals and tiny buds but they have new growth coming out of them. Mine are fairly new and I expect good results.

One thing I have noticed right off the batt. Flowering clones develop far tighter nodes than the mother. Which is good since I am going to flower these at 10 inches or so and try to keep them at 24 inches.

Anyway, good liuck and I'll be watching to see how yours turn out.



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looking good man they are looking nice and healthy. can't wait to see some buds :allgood:


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Thanks guys. . . things are moving right along. . . I'll take some pics as soon as their all out of the dark. . .post them tonight or in the morning. A is still on schedule to harvest on the 20th. . . and I'll be taking some clones from B this weekend. . . I'd like to do a pic step by step if I can find the time. . . later:peace:


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Re: Bagz Grow Journal / Pics!!


First, the family. . . as of 5/12/07

This is A, harvesting in a week or so. . .

This is a close up of a lower section. . . I was playing with my close up setting, but it didn't come out t well. . .

This is B, we'll be taking 2 clones from her today. . . just got out of the dark, so looking a little limp. . .3 weeks in flower

These 2 are C. . . about a week in flower. . .

These are the clones from A. . called A1. . .lol anyway their about 4 weeks back in veg. . .

I'll be back in a little bit with the step by step cloning of B. . . :peace:


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I'm back. . . Thanks. . .iLLest. . I'm real excited, things are going pretty well. . .

Onto my cloning. . .only a couple of these under my belt, so bear with me experts. . .lol. . anyway, its for those peeps who are curious. ..

I'll be pulling 2 clones from This lady right here. . . B

She's about 3 weeks into flowering, and I'm looking for some good candidates for clones. . .

This is good, 3 nodes of growth. . .

Cut right down to the main stem. . .

Should look something like this. . .

I remove the bottom set of leaves and gently scrap some of the skin at the base of the cutting. . . not really trying to cut into the stem. .

Just wet and dip the stem into some cheap rooting hormone. . lol. . but seriously, tap the stem to shake off any excess. . . and then just stick it in some soil. . .

Just place into veg cycle, I keep a good distance from the light for the first couple of days. . . Then I progressivly get closer with the lights. . .

Thats it. . . . I've had 100% success so far. . . I know there are better methods, but this works for me. . . later:peace:


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nice cloning thats teh good way! :D

i generally use a humidty dome but its crazy dry here somedays they can wilt and die fast then!


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All right, so I had to harvest a little early. . . I was planning on a monday night clip, but I have to keep my schedule. . . and I still don't have the timin down just yet for this type of growing. . . I am gonna try and time out my harvest's at 10 weeks instead of 8 from now on. . . I'll get some pics up tonight. . . :peace:


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Re: Bagz Grow Journal / A's harvest pics

Well I got the pics approved and here they are. . . such as it is. ..

I really wanted to give her another week and flush, but here she is. . . been runnin her dry for a couple days. . .

all trimmed to the stem. . .

and a close up. . .

and when all is said and done. . .

so it was less than I had expected. . . but I am definatley starting to get a handle on this. . . at this point I am gonna brown bag it 1 more day before I transfer it to a jar. . .

I have another harvest coming in 3 weeks. . . gonna push that back an extra week or 2 though. . . so while we're waiting on that. . . I have these clones to figure out. . . these are some really fucked up looking plants. . .
I take some recent pics tonight. . 2 I have put into 12/12, and 1 I kept back to play with a little. . you know, tying her down, tryin to bush her out a little. . . They just don't look like any MJ plants I have ever seen. . lol. . . you'll just have to see the pics. . . :peace:
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