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Baked Potatoes episode 10 just released


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Hey there, glad to be back.

This is our most recent episode.

Episode 10 Part 1

This part starts off with an editorial about a girl that smokes weed and drinks. Then our next segment is Celebirites on Weed featuring a quote from Keith Richards and information about Carl Sagan smoking pot and writting an essay about it in a book. The next segment we play a sound byte from a stoner tune called Fucken Wasted by Adam Sandler. After that is another tutorial about how to remove seeds from weed that's been broken up.

YouTube - Baked Potatoes cannabis show Ep10 Pt1

Episode 10 Part 2

We start off this part with some anti-drug ads where we show they're hypocracy. Then we're into some Audio Comedy with a Bill Clinton and Beverly Hillbillies parody called The Capitol Hillbillies. Next, is a comedy skit where Mick attempts to shoot a bug, but accidentally shoots Darrell. The next segment is a clip from a Bill Maher and we show a short from one of his standup acts. Lastly for this episode, is a stoner joke with different reasons you know if you're a stoner if....

YouTube - Baked Potatoes drugs show Ep10 Pt2

Episode 10 Part 3

Included for free are some new big words that we have to try to get through. Next we show some funny pictures, just for some more laughs. The next segment is a warning to all stoners about Grit Weed. We show a new clip that reported it earlier and mention how to tell grit weed apart from other marijuana. The next segment is website links to various religious marijuana ministries.

YouTube - Baked Potatoes ganja show Ep10 Pt3

Episode 10 Part 4

This part starts off with some Medical Info from the National Institute of Drug Abuse. We report their facts, but also point out personal opinions and heresays that are also included with most anti-drug campaigns. The next segment is Viewers Comments where we review statements made that are relevant enough to be answered on the show. Lastly for this part is the Final Thoughts and show closing.

YouTube - Baked Potatoes marijuana show Ep10 Pt4

Thanks, and we hope you enjoy the new episode, if not, that's okay, just tell someone else who might. That's all we can ask.

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