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Ballast stopped working


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What's up everybody.

I have a 1000w HPS that stopped working,when i went in the room the light was out.

I tried another bulb and all i get is a small hum and nothing else.
If i unplug and plug it back up i get the usual thump but just a light hum.

Anybody know how to test the capacitor,ignitor,and transformer to isolate the problem?


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If you are gonna open it up, I would be very careful. If I remember correct, even if you unplug it, it still holds a charge that can hurt bad. Only thing I can recommend is test continuity and find out which part is broken. You may know as soon as you open it though.


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Thank's for replying Boss-G,nothing look's burnt inside and i know the capacitor doe's hold a charge.I'm just curious how to safley test everthing.


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Did you let the new bulb warm up? It takes a while for the light to reach it's full brightness, and the higher wattage the system the longer this will take.

DO NOT plug and unplug your ballast rapidly. This is like creating a power surge and is bad for eveything including the bulb.


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Thank's for all the replie's.

It was working then a couple hour's later it was not.
It alway's had a louder hum than my other ballast which is the same brand.

My first one went down and i got lucky because the cheap plastic bridge
inside melted and i got some ceramic wire connector's and fixed it.
It was also making a loud humming noise before it burnt out but since
i bypassed the bridge it's running much quieter.

I've done electrical before but never had to learn how a HID function's.
If anybody know's the way to test it let me know.Don't worry because i
wont be messing with the capacitor cause that would be the dangerous part.
Unless i can find out how to discharge it first..
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