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Bard's Second Grow: Outdoor, In-Ground, Dr. Seeds Fast Genetics

The Bard

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Hey Bard - she looks like most of mine and I've been trimming like I'm shaping up an afro!!! But I don't get too close and I'm not too fussy!!! I figure the whole shebang goes to the same result.
Congrats on another harvest!!
Do you do the low and slow in jars in the fridge??
Hey GJ!

Yes, these C99s are fussy to trim! The fan leaves and the sugar leaves are pretty deep into the buds themselves. Like you, I've stopped being so fussy about it. Most of this harvest will be going into CCO to make edibles, so I'm not being as particular. Some of the nicest tight buds I'll give to friends who like to smoke, so they'll get pretty trimmed stuff.

Yes! I love the "low and slow." I do a bit of a hybrid approach - the fresh harvest goes onto a wire cooling rack, onto a cookie sheet. That way they get air top and bottom. Then the whole thing goes into a heavy paper bag (I use the paper yard waste bags, as they are huge and sturdy). Then into the fridge. At first I will take them out every day to flip and rearrange so they dry evenly. Every few days, I will leave them out of the fridge to warm up for an hour or two. Apparently this warm up gets the chlorophyll break-down going again. About 2-3 weeks total in the fridge, then jar and burp until RH is down to 62-65%. Then a cure at cool room temperature in the dark for another 3-4 weeks. I don't think the cure is necessary for the CCO, but friends say that the buds taste nicer for smoking after they have cured.

How are you and your girls doing today?
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