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Barney's Farm Acapulco Gold - Final Week - Pics


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Well better late than never. My Barneys Farm Acapulco Gold is nearing harvest with a one-time final flush set for Tuesday then lites out Wednesday till Friday when I begin the chopchop. Quite ugly this one and mostly a problem during her grow, but from what I've researched she is supposed to be a killer. Lots of amber trichs with a majority of cloudy ones, but they say don't let her go to long. She grows in a 2 gallon hempy bucket in a 2x2x4 grow tent in my closet with temps around 80 and RH around 50%. I use GH nutes but am going to switch to Advanced Nutes for the next. I did use AN Overdrive which helped a little I believe. I ignored a cal/mag def early on which was my bad but added some half way through flowering. That helped a little. Also some heat issues occasionally but otherwise she was good. So here are some pics:

She is super frosty but in looking at some other grows she should have been overall bigger. Wont be a big yielder that's for sure but should make up for it in potency. My other is an Afghan Kush which is bigger and way sticky. BTW I use a 200w LED from Solarflare.


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Nice looking, next time maybe open a journal and get help from the experts and fellow members

Also helps to keep track of stuff for yourself and may serve others in the future

I hope you at least get some good smoke from it


Thanks for the good advice. I know it will be under an OZ but its not known for its high yield. Still if it were better conditions I think it would be bigger. I'm confident it will be killer, but we'll see.

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I have experienced 2 different pheno types for the Barney's Farm Acapulco Gold. One is a tall lanky sativa dominant lime green kind of pheno. The other has more indica in it. I burned the crap out of the Sativa pheno, and did not do a good job growing it. However, the smoke turned out good. Currently I'm finishing up the more indica pheno. The AG seems to be a 10-13 week strain. Definitely need patience with this one.

AG in early flowering - little over 3 week VEG:

Here are a few shots of the indica pheno at almost 9 weeks:

Here are a few shots of the more sativa pheno. I only took it 9 weeks. It needed more time.
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