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Barney's Farm Glookies, Capn Style, 600 Watt HPS, Crazy Growth!


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To clone or not to clone :nervous-guy:

I have 2 more glookies seeds and also 3 blue cheese seeds from barneys farm. Once this grow is over im sure im gonna wanna run the blue cheese. So im debating if I wanna clone this plant. Its getting that time to clone if im going to.... hmmm!


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DAY 30 from sprout! Took her out the tent for some tent management. Getting ready to put in the trellis netting support and set up the top feed so getting everything ready for that. Moved my Ballast outside my tent for more room. Getting ready to fill it with COLAS! =)

Also note* that you can set up the top feed system as soon as you want. I usually just wait until around now. I dont mind hand watering every day but it is less work to just set up the top feed after week 2 or so you are not mixing nutes everyday.

Feeding 50% nute schedule from General Hydroponics at around 500 ppm and 5.8 pH. I have always found that general hydroponics solution for their feed schedule is always to strong, especially early stage. I dont like to see any tip burn or clawing and they seem to be happier, if I can help it. It usually always happens though in flower as i mix stronger solution.

This yellow tote is almost 3 feet wide!! Its hard to measure size from photos sometimes. This is a 4 X 4 tent so she is HUGE alrdy! Not touching from side to side yet but dang close! Crazy growth in just 30 days from sprout. :oops:

*Edited to add*
Feeding Lineup as of now:
FLora Micro
Flora Gro
Flora Bloom
Armor Si
Diamond Nectar
And RECHARGE (What makes it all happen) :Namaste:




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DAY 35! Transplant time! Top feed system setup as well. Watering 2 times a day, every 12 hours for 15 mins at a time. This will increase to 4 times a day soon. You Cannot over water using rock wool. Its impossible. You let the top feed run for 15 min sections and this completely flushes out the rockwool each time. The plant and root grow just blows my mind ever time. Going into a 7 gal pot!




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Woah those are some impressive roots! I also see you are one of the silica guys I was just talking about over on my thread. So what the verdict on it?


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Thank you! They would not be like that without RECHARGE. Other beneficiary products will do the same as well but like i stated before ive tried a few different ones and my old friends on this site used many different products and the recharge was just the best, and easiest. No A and B plan and multiple bottles. Just one simple product that doesn't change pH or make the pH fluctuate after a day or so. Great White was once a big competitor but it was more expensive.

I must admit, ive been off this site, and off the research for about 4 years. So im out of date with new products that may have extra/better ingredients for the past few years. I just stick to what has always worked and gave me the best results years ago until i find new products and research these new products to try.

Yes I use silica. I did research years ago that supported better growth from it. I cant remember the science on it. I started using it and just always have now. Its easy and not much is required to mix in. It does raise pH quite a bit so be careful with it. I like it when im mixing strong nutes, my pH is lower than it should be I can add silica and it will raise it where i need it without pH up. I for sure have stronger plants using it.

Ive really got the general hydroponics line down pat so I hate to change things up but I love new, easy products so im for sure leaning to getting some MC and trying it for my next grow.


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Day 43! Things are getting full! The 4 foot netting is almost full. We will be switching to flower in the next day or so. A little early than I usually do but we are running out of room and I have enough tops that I want, maybe a few to many for this space lol... My goals for all my grows are huge arm sized colas, so I try not to have a crazy number of tops. The more tops, or plants = smaller buds. The only way to fix that is add more light. This is why one light for one plant works so well and 600 watts is perfect for one plant. This style grow is so rapid and so much growth you really need the wattage to produce. If the wattage is there, the plant will produce. Roots, and wattage are the most important things in the grow in my opinion. She is smelling soooo good already! Happy Friday!



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Hello everyone!! Welcome to my grow journal. Up this time around is Barney's Farm Glookies. I have debated many days if I wanted to post this journal. Let’s see how it goes. Pull up a chair and ask questions if you have them. Lets grow some amazing arm sized colas.

A little about myself: I am an older known member from years back that figured I would come back to share the methods that I learned from some of the best growers I have found on this site that used this method. (They are no longer on here). I learned this method and have been using it for years now.

Some of you may have heard the name THE CAPT or GreenThumbJ passed around years ago. I dedicate this journal to the CAPT and give him full credit of this grow method. GreenThumbJ also used this method and helped me a lot on this site in the early days. I would not be using this method without the help from him.

With that being said I will be growing THE CAPT STYLE with a top feed, Rockwool medium, and HPS Lighting. I have searched all around this site and have not seen this method being used. It was perfected years ago and never really caught on despite the crazy growth and arm size colas. You WILL NOT see growth like this on any other method/lights, Period. DWC is the only other method that comes close. HPS is a must for light penetration and arm sized colas.

What strain is it?
- GLOOKIES (Barney's Farm)

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages?
- 70% Indica
- 30% Sativa

Strain Lineage / Genealogy:
Gorilla Glue x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

THC: 25%

Indoor or outdoor?
- Indoor

Soil or Hydro?
- Rockwool

Size of light?
- 600 Watt MH
- 600 Watt HPS

Size of Room/cab?
- 4 X 4 Lighthouse Hydro Tent
- 440CFM fan
- 6 Inch CAN filter

Type and strength of ferts used?
- General Hydroponics Nute lineup.
- RECHARGE (Beneficiary bacteria)

Hello, Hunter Nitro, Will be onboard for the ride to the other side. Cheers


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HunterNitro, When you uppot, roots are covering the rockwool, you add some cubes at bottom of pot, put roots in then put in more cubes to fill in the sides.? Do you water to runoff or measure according to size of pot. Cheers


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One more question, what is the cost and full name of the product you are growing in. Cheers
2 cu. ft. Stonewool Grow Cubes - 1/4 in. Cubes - Grodan RW91003

You can find 2 cu ft (enough for two massive 7 gallon plants) for $50 free shipping. You can find it cheaper in larger quantities im sure or at a grow store.

HunterNitro, When you uppot, roots are covering the rockwool, you add some cubes at bottom of pot, put roots in then put in more cubes to fill in the sides.? Do you water to runoff or measure according to size of pot. Cheers
Yes you let the root ball get big and grow through all your rockwool in your pot. The roots will grow around the bottom of the pot (thats what you want), They will not get root bound using beneficiary bacteria (Recharge). Just dont let them go crazy long before uppot. I measure the current container and fill the bottom of the new pot with cubes, and put the transplant in there and fill around the plant with cubes. Dont pack them to tight but i push them down beside the plant to make sure its full.

At this stage of grow I am watering 4 times a day for 15 minute intervals. So my pump runs for 15 mins at a time constant. You cannot over water rockwool, and this allows the rockwool medium to always stay constant at what your tank is. Early stages I water one time a day up to two times a day, and then 4 times a day at this stage. Let me know if you have anymore questions!

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The only info I had was it’s stupidly easy to use and cheap. :3: It’s all new to me still, I just honestly couldn’t handle dealing with multiple jugs of stuff. I mean come on I seriously forget my sunglasses are on my head, how am I supposed to remember which bottle I dosed already or not.

Don’t go over to my journal right now, I’m ashamed of what I just did and posted. Grow weed they said, it will be fun they said. :19:
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