Barneys Farm Promo At The Vault

I’ve not had the opportunity to grow any Barney’s seeds yet but from the reviews I’ve seen I’d love the opportunity!
Thanks for the chance and good luck to everyone :slide:
Love Barney's Farm strains. Have some Strawberry Lemonade and Orange Sherbert runs coming up soon, and I'm very much looking forward to their completion.

The care and dedication they put into their genetics shows in the quality of their strains. Absolutely amazing and one of my favorite sources, and have never been disappointed.
Would love to try some Barney's Farm genetics.

Thanks for another great opportunity
Growing Barney's Farm LSD right now, loving the looks and smell, good genetics.

If this post wins skip me and go to next as I do not grow autos, but wanted to convey my appreciation for the good genetics I'm seeing in my room.
Love Barney's!

Currently growing Shiskaberry and Strawberry Lemonade, but would love to give that Malana Bomb a go!
Barney's Farm and Malana Bomb Autos?? Yes, please! :)
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