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Bartow Scores Historic Pot Bust


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CARTERSVILLE, Ga. (AP) -- An anonymous tip led the Bartow County Sheriff's office to what may be the largest marijuana bust in the county's history Friday.

Captain Brenton Garmon said approximately 15 hundred plants with an estimated value of at least $3.7 million were found at the home of 54-year-old Grady James Padgett.

Each plant has a value of about $2,500.

Garmon said more plants were found on property around the home.

Padgett is charged with one count each of trafficking marijuana and manufacturing marijuana.

Garmon said more arrests are not expected. He said the department investigated the tip for about a week before making the search and arrest today.

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For the record

This being my first post I'd like to offer my version of the 420 article attached to my name when it gets googled.

My Nov. 22, 2004 bust in Georgia for growing conscious herb states wrongly how many plants I grew...in truth there were only 236 plants, not the 1500 quoted. The sheriff cut-up the plants then counted each piece as a whole plant.
Then as to the weight, depending on which TV station was watched (from various Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee cities as there were atleast 9 mobile broadcast truck parked in/around my front yard), was quoted between 1700 and 1900 pounds...hmm? Half the harvest was already hanging in my barn, drying, with the remainder still "on the vine". Still, it did fill-up a box van so it's hard to say how much weight really was there...and, GA law does not use stalk weight in determining amounts, this was overlooked by the court.
The tip was from several cousins who I caught trying to rip-off the crop; ah, family!
Finally, there was no warrant, and no "emergency (exigent) circumstances", which is how, typically, law enforcement gets around our 4th Amendment Rights. The judge said that because a warrant eventually was issued, some hours after I was jailed, its issuance made legitimate the invasion of my home and farm.
Then last, but not least, as I was being sentenced the arresting officer named in the google article was being arrained on multiple charges. Seems the head of the county narcotics task force enjoyed a busy business of selling to local pawn shops much of the material he seized during drug raids...same as his father before him. Father, at least, had the wherewithall to transport his material out of state before selling it, not so his son who sold most everything right in town...Good ol boys!
None of the above is snivelling, just me trying to clear-up my image on the web. I've served my time as a political prisoner (America's War on Drugs), I'm out'n back on the West Coast, never to go back to Georgia, you bet!

All the best to you all,
Grady Padgett
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Paw Paw,

First, let me clearly state that what follows is purely and only for educational and informational purposes.

Well $2400/plant could be seen as a lot or a little depending on what size the plant is, what strain it is, and, of course where it is being sold. For example:
say the strain is Blue Dream, being sold in CA to a legal medical "club" there. Further, say that you grew the plant outside, long-season (May-October), did all the correctly timed plant manipulations/tippings, ect. Then you'd probably wind up with a 10-12ft tall by 12-14ft wide plant (average), which should yield betwen 4 and 7 pounds, dry/trimed bud weight. In Ca you should easily get between $1600-1800 per pound, thus this one plant could bring you around $6400 to $12,600.
Then, lets say, instead, the strain you grew was Skywalker (OG) Cush, and your market was Washington DC. This strain readily fetches $3600-4000 in that market, however, you will be blessed if you can get 3 to 4 pounds from each plant. Still, doing the math produces $10,800 to $16,000 for this one plant.
Thus you see $2400 is small potatoes compared with what could be realized.
In closing, again, I must say that the above information is only for informing and in no way intended as encouraging someone to break the law no matter how assnine, repressive, or counterintuitive to human historic use of this great herb such self-serving laws might be.

Throughout time very rarely do standing armies best guerrilla uprisings. The more repressinve, corrupt and violent an existing goverment is toward its people the stronger is their connection/support for the revolutionaries. Typically, repressed folk take 3 to 5 generations to rise-up and over-throw their repressors. What generation are we?


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snerv, the point i was trying to make was how leos like to embellish the amount of product in the raid (usually illegal). like u said, they chopped up the plants & counted each piece as a plant (i did read that right, i think). of course, until it's sold, it's really more of a liability than an asset, as i'm sure u're aware. u must have a good atty. to already be out & able to move out of state. good luck w/all future endeavers. btw, u're family sounds like mine...really sweet.
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