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Basement Marijuana Farm Found in Georgia


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Authorities in Hall County, Georgia, have discovered a professional marijuana growing operation in the basement of a new three-bedroom house - the second such operation found in the same area this week.

Agents found 173 Marijuana plants at the house Wednesday at the house in the Georgian Subdivision in south Hall County.

Gang Task Force member Joe Amerling says hydroponics was being used to grow the plants.

He says the house was purchased to grow marijuana and that no one actually moves in to such operations.

Agents secured a search warrant and located the growing operation almost identical to the first. The system had its own irrigation system, separate heating and air unit to ventilate the basement, growing lights, fans and heaters.

Amerling says the neighborhood is new.

Gainesville-Hall County drug agents and Gang Task Force members estimated the plants at full maturity would have been worth five-thousand dollars each.

Agents raided a house Monday - also in the area known as Chestnut Mountain - and uncovered a basement marijuana "farm" with 115 plants worth an estimated $230,000.

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I just dont see how they discover this shit ... If it was me i would stay to myself.. no partys,not to many people comin and going, they must be causing alot of comotion(sp?).


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or illegal ways of searching the house can always be used...some how illegal methods can become legal if the person you are convicting is poorer than the government whether it be local or federal...
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