Bassman's RDWC - High Defoliation - Master Kush Grow #2

Hiya folks!

This is my 2nd grow of this strain, and 3rd full on use of high defoliation technique.

Strain: Master Kush Feminized seed.
Lighting: 220w T5 HO in veg, 1000w Digilux HPS with JDL Lightings Ballast.
Medium: Hydroton 6" net pot 5 gallon bucket DIY Recirculating Deep Water Culture with 1/10 hp water chiller,
One 4" cylindrical Sunleaves Oxy Stone in each bucket.
Tent: 5' x 5' Secret Jardin tent
Nutrients: Blue Planet Nutrients 2 part, Liquid Blue Bloom Booster, VitaBlue B-vitamins supplement, Liquid Seaweed, and Hygrozyme. **In veg I used AN-B52 (BPN vita blue replaces this), and Fox Farms Bush Doctor microbe supplement.

This journal starts off during the 1st week of 12/12. That being said I have a few pictures I'll post from the veg cycle.

DEFOLIATION: During veg, these girls were stripped nearly naked of leaves twice. Pics will be posted below. As reference on the topic of high defoliation growing from veg to harvest I've posted this thread: About Defoliation which explains it in more detail.

I used Gas Lantern Routine during veg and will use diminishing light schedule during flower.

Our goal for this grow is 2#'s dry!

Here's some basic progression pics from veg to present including the tent & rdwc setup:
Tent & RDWC for flower.

Those air stones really add a lot of D.O.

Veg in closet under 4 bulb HO T5's. This is what they look like just before the 1st defoliation, at about 6-8" tall, but basically 5-6 good strong healthy nodes.

Now the after defoliation look:

This is what they looked like about 13 days later and time for the 2nd defoliation:

10 days after the 2nd defoliation they have come back very very strong: date: 10/06, just 4 days or so till they go into the tent for flower time.

These pics are as of today at 4 days of 12/12 on transition mix nutes. PPM came out very mild at 665 or 1.3 e.c on .500 conversion tds meter. PH is 6.1 today but I'll bring it down a bit. As you can see, I've begun bending the girls laterally. I want them to hit 28" - 32" wide or so and 32" tall. They are the right size now to achieve this with exception of the back left who seems to be the runt of the litter and a different pheno maybe.
I've had to had string support on the 90 degree bends but after a couple days they'll be fine. The transition nutes seemed like I didnt give them enough cal mag as a number of leaves should calcium deficiency. So I added 25ml more and pulled about a dozen leaves out total. Other than that, there wont be any real defoliation again until about 21 days.


Thanks for joining in on the ride! This should be the best yet!
Looks really good Bass. I read the thread on High Defoliation great read thank you. Any way it made me take one of my Pineapple Express plants and stripped her up also bent her a little. I'll have pics up later tonight or tomorrow if you want to a have a look see.

Congratulations on your Kosher Kush harvest as well. :bravo:
Looks really good Bass. I read the thread on High Defoliation great read thank you. Any way it made me take one of my Pineapple Express plants and stripped her up also bent her a little. I'll have pics up later tonight or tomorrow if you want to a have a look see.

Congratulations on your Kosher Kush harvest as well. :bravo:

Thanks! Enjoy the run through here. I'll take a look at yours later too.
Right on Bassman!!
I'm off to read your thread on defol.
subbed and looking forward to seeing 2 #'s off this.!!
I have no doubt you'll hit the mark.
subd mate,

@Vick074, i see you found bassman then, cant go far wrong following his defo guide, seems to work well, im trying it on one of my plants in flower and the results are amazing, even after a few days the buds on the plant i defo are bigger than the same plant i never did the defo on, i plan on doing defo in all future grows, but for now im trying it with the one plant and some of the 2ltr dwc grows, but so far so good, so im along for this 2nd grow as well
woot! thanks for joinin in everyone! Should be a fun ride!

Just a little tiny bit of selfishness here, I was nominated for Member of the Month by Alaska1. Not that I feel so worthy, but I sure could use the bpn nutes! 420 Magazine's Member of the Month - October 2012
:popcorn: Can't wait to follow another great grow my friend!!

Welcome Xlr8!

Just a note, you were right. My hood is leaking air like a sob. I'm either buying a new much wider hood today or just going to reseal it. Undecided kinda, as I need more spread from the light I think. In either case I'll seal em up tight. Temps are getting too high forcing me to add intake air instead of passive intake and tent suck from exhaust.
Mini Update:

Day 7 in 12/12

Nothing huge to add yet. A couple issues to deal with through the week though.

1. Have been seeing some really bad yellowing and some browning on some leaves. Too many to not be an issue, but not so many as to be in a panic. I think I had a ph lockout issue, and hopefully it's all good now. I re-calibrated my meter and found it was off by .4 I think it was. The ph was too high as a result and somewhere in the 6.6-6.8 area. It's probably been more than a month since I calibrated it, I don't recall for sure but I know better.

2. That god damn leak is back in the uniseal! It's periodic, and bothersome. I may drill a spare bucket and install new seals, then on 1st rez change see if I can muscle the pvc out of the current bucket without scewring the pooch on the other buckets. This won't be easy.

3. My cheapness is costing me. I'm not really a cheapskate, I prefer quality, but sometimes I just take 1/2 measures. The reflector hood is too damn small and leaks too damn much air. I could have spent $40-$60 more when I bought it and gotten a much bigger footprint with a unit that seals up tight. Now I'm going to have to spend $200 on a new hood this next week to get the better footprint. I'll buy a 6" raptor hood with a size of roughly 37.5" x 26.75" vs my current hood at 20" x 19". That's a pretty big difference when growing in this style and making the girls go wide. And the air leak is pounding the temps too high. 84-91 with ballast at 100% or 1k. I've dropped the ballast to 75% for now. Hopefully Tuesday I can get a new hood. If my work week goes well I'll afford it. If not, I bought some weatherstripping and I'll reseal it for temp issues but will still not be a wide enough footprint.

I've done some more bending, just on key branches to make the girls wider. This is working nicely. And secondary branches off of these bent branches are shooting up. :thumb:

Unlike the Kosher Kush from last grow, these girls have not started flowering yet. Both grows were veg'd under GLR and the Kosher Kush formed flowers by day 5-6 of 12/12 iirc. Interesting, since the KK is a 9-10 flowering period, which is what I harvested at (71 days but maybe 5-7 days early), and the Master Kush is 7-9 week flowering period per the seed vendors. Though last grow of Master Kush I went 10 weeks or slightly more iirc and it came out bomb.

I ordered some more Blue Planet Nutrients/ and they should arrive Tuesday which is perfect. I'm getting the Liquid Seaweed and VitaBlue as new additions to my soup. And I'll be saving a lot of money not buying AN B52 anymore. I'm really looking forward to the results of adding the Liquid Seaweed. I didn't order the Early Bloomer simply because it's this late in the grow. I'll add it to the next grow though. Which reminds me, I'll be germinating more Master Kush about when these girls show flowers or in about a week or so.

I still have a bunch of seeds I haven't even tried yet.
Barneys Auto Blue Mammoth (1)
Barneys Pineapple Chunk (1)
Barneys Critical Kush (1)
World of seeds Afghan Kush Ryder (1)
Delicious La Diva (1)
DNA Martian Kush (6)
All feminized.

No idea when or if I'll be dropping those seeds. But I do have an 4'x4' tent not in use, and my 685w Grow Stealth LED and when I buy the Raptor hood I'll have this smaller hood and a 400w HPS with Lumatek digital ballast all collecting dust. So the equipment is there. All I'd have to do is buy a chiller for a 2nd rdwc. That could effectively put me on a monthly harvest with 1 veg closet and two tents. But it would also substantially increase my electrical bill.

No decisions made yet.

Much to my surprise, Alaska1 nominated me for Member of the Month. I'm really honored by his nomination, and really never expected it. Totally blindsided me. And even more to my surprise I'm in a small lead. While I'd love the gifts of winning, I can't say enough about how much it's more everyone else guiding me than it is me being the Member of the Month. I've only shared honestly what you've taught me and what I've learned elsewhere on the web. In the end, I'm doing this to help mom through her Alzheimer's and maybe it helps a few other folks along the way. Hell, I don't even smoke anymore and haven't in 36 years (come Oct 31st)! How weird is that? If it wasn't for my researching ways to help mom, I wouldn't have ever even thought of growing MMJ. It would be insanely awesome if over time I saw a reversal of some substantial amount of her symptoms. Let me tell you, I would be a MF'er to deal with on the MMJ front if she started to remember she has a 2nd son, or what we talked about 10 mins ago. One can only pray, but it's a MF'er of a disease.

Did I mention I'm seeing the gals stretch a bit every day? Not massive fast yet, but most certainly noticeable. Hopefully the runt of the litter can catch up to the others some. But all in all they are right where I want them on height. I am certain we won't have the height issues of last grow. That should mean an increase in yield in itself.

No pics today. I'll probably update again come Sat or Sun with pics.
na Donpaul. I got some good foam weather stripping. It'll be easy to do. I just don't want to take the light off the hangar, pain in the ass that it is and then take it off to hang a new reflector in 5 days. After I take it down I'll strip the cheap ass weather stripping they use off and install the good stuff.
i hear ya mate, its a pain to take it all down once its up, sounds like you got it sorted though mate, im just not sure how well the weather strip will hold up with the hot temps, this could possibly dry out the weather strip and make it fail again, but if you got a better product then you should be ok mate
I'm here. :popcorn: Also voting for you. We are allmost in the same boat, I grow for other people I know. Mainly because they can't afford the dispensary prices. I am a light smoker, so it works out.

Hope you get it all dialed in and we have smooth sailing ahead.
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