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Bathing in 22 pounds of ganj

The Mad Toker

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Warning everyone, you may be smoking ball nugs, nugs that have rubbed this guys balls, oh yeah, that funny smell in your spliff, it's his pubes...


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I've seen this on you tube before, i guess this guy was in South Africa and paid $100 US Dollars for what he thought was going to be 2 ounces but received 22 pounds, and had to leave it all behind 6 days later.


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Mr Mad.. hilarious! :laugh2:


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He was on vacation or something like that and was supposed to leave South Africa 6 days later and he did. Personally i would have prolonged my stay with that much weed at my fingertips but he decided to leave it behind.

i would have sold it like mad to the tourists :laugh2:
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