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Bay707: Blueberry Domina Auto, Zkittlez Bag Seed, Home Made Soil, I Think 3.5 Gallon, Seedlings, Indoor


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Yea I think I screwed up the soil and started them under led to soon. So I’m just going to finish the autos out and see what happens . I’m going to buy the soil next time . I jumped before I looked. Thanks guys.
“ KISS” keep it simple stupid . :Namaste: On the other hand the new light is looking good. Thanks agian guys .


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I started with Happy Frog potting soil. Works great for seedlings and needs not nutes for the first 3 weeks. Then just switch to you nute schedule. I've started doing most of my grows in coco/perlite. I feed twice a day but just a little at a time.

coco is different than soil, but just as easy if you don't have to difficult a schedule to contend with.
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