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BBO’s Strawberry Cane, UC Hydro


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Hello everyone,

Welcome to my grow! I’m looking forward to keeping this page up to date weekly during my process. I’ve just planted on 5/12. Here’s the rundown of my grow.

I’m growing Strawberry Cane from Holy Smokes Seeds. These seeds were planted in rockwool cubes and are in my humidity dome. My setup consists of Current Culture (4) bucket under current hydro system and also using Current cultures nutes. This is supported by a 50 gallon reservoir and an RO system. All under (6) QB96Elites ran off of (3) HLG 320H-54A drivers. My drivers are install outside my 5x5 tent.

The picture is when I first got them set up before temp/humidity adjustments. I’m holding 74-78 degrees and 78-84% humidity right now.

Anyways thanks for viewing and I look forward to bringing you guys along this adventure!


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Here’s where I’m at with my Strawberry Cane. They sprouted a week ago today. To me I feel like they should be further along. Maintaining proper humidity and temps 24/7 and keeping my rockwool Moist but not over saturated. Looking forward to getting them out of their temporary home and into the hydro. Some are showing a root through the bottom of cube. Thinking I have about to 2 weeks left until I transfer.



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How is it coming along? Would really love to hear your experiences, I'm setting up my 4 port cc system right now and will be using CC nutes with it as well. How all did you setup you res? Are you using a top off tank as well? Hope the grow is coming along!
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