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so guys...I've been pretty busy with work and school, and i'm pretty sure these seedlings are toast...I'm wondering if I should just toss them, I have no idea why one has yellowish leaves while the other leaves are all wilting...sometimes I wake up and the temps can be at 85!(no more than 86) so is it a heat issue? I doubt it's under/over watering issue as well as lighting....pleeeease any suggestions? :( I just also took a trip to the seedbank and picked up 5 fem seeds of damn sour so should I take these 3 out and restart or could I salvage these puppies?

I didn't want to transplant this guy but I had to, it's not like you can leave the shelf on AND have light reach the veg tub lol...the very top one as well^^
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If you have more seeds, I would plant them! You can leave these alone and see what happens, but I think you should prepare for the worst. The other issue with seedling stress is that it can force most of your spouts to ultimately sex as male.

Evolution has given most plants that have two sexes the uncanny ability to "sense" their environment and make an "evolutionary judgement call" as to what sex at this location would make the most sense. A seedling that is forced to struggle with heat, poor water etc. is going to likely opt to be a male, since they can mature faster and spread their pollen before their crappy environment gets the best of them.

Since a female Cannabis needs a fertile and stable environment in order to fully mature and flower properly, it tends to show up in higher numbers if conditions are made as ideal as possible.

This doesn't always guarantee your ratio of Males to Females, but there is little doubt that heavy stress early in a new plant's life IS NOT something you want to have happen! ;)


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temps are still running 80-84 even with a fan in the room and all windows open in house. I have an a/c upstairs but I have so many things using electricity my bill is pretty high and I don't have much money right now...they all have the droopy look and I won't start the new ones till I can get temps 70-78

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