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I'd be remiss in starting my journal without having thanked the proprietors and users of this board... without whom I could not have even begun. This knowledge base of considerate like-minded people in deed and need have been a real inspiration and source of encouragement to me. To date I have largely been a reader. I now hope to contribute so that others can learn from my experiences and missteps.
Now that I have thanked the academy and all the little people who have made this evening possible... I give to you my humbly submitted journal.

It begins with no growing experience whatsoever. The sticky "How to Grow Marijuana - Everything You Need to Know!" and other's experience have gotten me through to today.

Being somewhat overwhelmed by the newness of the process, my journal begins today, with the following plants having been germinated 11/18 & 11/22 from feminized seeds.

2- Dutch Passion White Widow
2- Dutch Passion The Ultimate
2- Dutch Passion Euphoria

You'll find that the cart came before the horse in my case, as this began as what was to be a discreet medical grow in a BCNL Producer with another DIY cab for Mothers and cloning, became a full grow room. Which I must say I am not in the least disappointed about as I can really see getting into this and very quickly outgrowing the Producer. It may one day be relegated to a veg box. Time will tell.


Temps in here tend toward upper 70's day mid 60's night.

After delivery of the Producer I decided to convert an area of the basement for growing. More elbow room and greater discretion were now in mind. I finished the room in mid-November and started feminized seeds on the 18th and 22nd.

I then decided that in a better effort to experience a wider variety that I would need to house more mothers. So this cab was adapted. Temps here are low-mid 80's day and mid-upper 60's night.

If I'm successful, there will be 4 moms in there. So far so good:

Having read quite a bit about water quality I decided to go with R/O to reduce that problem set.

Humidity is maintained usually between 45 & 68

The seeds were started in paper towel at 100% germination... all in a day. They were then placed in 6oz red cups with Fox Farms Ocean Forest and given 6.0-6.2 ph water. As I want to keep smaller, squat mothers I skipped intermediate size transplant containers and went directly to 1-Gal pots with glass marble drainage in bottoms. After that transplant the plants seemed to stall a bit as they waited for their roots to find the confines of their new homes. They now have adequate tree trunks... at least in the cabinet of four. Running 6 26w 6500k's, 18/6.

The two in the taller cab have slowed and nearly halted it seems. Each of these two seem to have their own peculiarities. BTW, they're under 18/6 of 4 2' t5 daylights. The WW has been showing yellow on the lower leaves this week.

...and the Ult is showing curled in lower leaves.

All plants are now receiving a bit of calmag and 50% of the recommended Mother Earth Tea every other water. I water when the pots get light to the lift.

Here's the layout:

...and a little color for good measure:

Today I took two cuttings from each plant, dipped in rooting compound, scraped the bottom 1/2" and placed them in my DIY aerocloner.


Ph-5.8, temp-75 via aquarium heater, aerated with a stone and 396 gph pump running continuous.

Sorry for not having documented and shot pics of the early going... but as you can see, the seeds took.

Thanks for taking your time to read this. I look forward to any and all critiques, advice and opinions. I hope you stay tuned. :welcome:
Gasp! Grow on my brother...:goodjob: This is going to be some fun.

Congrats on the newely finished grow room.

The yellowing of the bottom leaves could be a need for Nitrogen, or it is getting little light.

I remove the lowest of the fan leaves since they block the air from getting to the root zone. You're doing a Bang up job so far! Subscribed:popcorn:
Damn WnF!

I am very impressed as well as jealous. :goodjob: Look at all that space!

Subscribed for sure, this should be a good one.



Thanks for the kind words Marley. I think the lens was a bit wide for those room pics just to show things. It's 18'x15'x7. I'm glad I didn't go with the laundry room though as I think I may be enjoying this more than expected. People like you tend to add to that!

I'll be on my way to follow your's now too!
Gasp! Grow on my brother...:goodjob: This is going to be some fun.

Congrats on the newely finished grow room.

The yellowing of the bottom leaves could be a need for Nitrogen, or it is getting little light.

I remove the lowest of the fan leaves since they block the air from getting to the root zone. You're doing a Bang up job so far! Subscribed:popcorn:

Thanks kindly Sisco!

As for the low N, thanks. I have been using only 1/2 Mother Earth Tea since I thought the soil was depleted from it's own. Having read so much about people over nuting I thought I'd play it conservative. I'll give the recommended dose starting next time. I'll snip those off as well. Would you suggest nuting every other, or every watering for soil?

Pleased to have you on board!
Wonderful looking grow area and plants WeednFeed ! It looks like youre well on your way to some great smoke bro. One thing... pulling intake air from outdoors introduces spores, pollen, dust, outdoor temps and humidity into your grow room. Not a great idea unless heavily filtered, perhaps not even then. Look into those DIY odor buckets or carbon exhaust filters. All the info you need for either can be found on this excellent site. Exhausting your air out of the basement window, however, is worth considering ; ) Looking very much forward to following this grow!
I forgot to add that the 12 clones I am attempting to root are representative of of two cuttings taken from each of the six plants. I grew 2 plants of each strain so that I would have a better chance of getting at least 1 female of each strain to keep as a mother. If these cuttings root I will veg them for a short while, then flower them to determine sex. THEN I can finally root some clones from the confirmed females and fire up the Producer!

Kind of long winded there but I felt the redundancy needed explaining. My intention in growing 3 different strains is to easier determine a med that will work best.
BudAficionado-- Thank you very much for stopping in and giving me your suggestions. I'm with you on avoiding the intake of outdoor air. I ducted the room to take advantage of central air in the warmer times. It has two passive or blown air 9"x12" grates and a 9"x12" return.
You caught me asleep at the wheel as the pics I posted did not reflect the vent system I put in a few days ago (thanks to Siscokid).

That addresses the exhaust of heat, humidity and fresh air. It's on an interval timer. You're right on there Bud! I think you're also on top of where that "should" be directed. Due to a different kind of neighbor I'm unable to use that window for anything but insulation storage and hanging panda for now. You're spot-on about this site too... it is excellent.

I'm glad that you're along for the ride Bud. Thanks.
I should have mentioned... I found your grow journal from the post you made "Basement Window Discreet Ventilation Intake?" My post was mostly about that. It looks like youre on top 'o things and nosy neighbors suck outloud ! I've been lurking this site for about 5 yrs, too paranoid to post much, but I figured what the hell, and joined. I thought I knew about growing until I stumbled across this site, then, after reading a few journals, I thought SHIT, I dont know anything about growing. This is like dope college bro.
Well spoken Bud! Long time lurker here as well. This has been a real eye opener for me too and I couldn't be more thankful to the teachers. If I get through this first crop I figure I'll have completed MJ-101. Don't know if I'll pursue the degree, but the classes sure are fun and full of good company. As for the paranoid thing... I was too but ended up thinking that if someone really wants to chap my ass that bad they're going to do it anyhow. I've got ten kinds of pain and can no longer take anything for it. Not too much to lose there.
The basement window dream has gone by the wayside for now as going out of my way to as for trouble just isn't my way. Makes me all the more grateful for this resource and people like you.
One day this long hard prohibition will be looked back upon as nothing more than the foolishness it is. I hope to survive the interim.
If you should ever get around to doing a journal let me know, I'm there. I find this stuff fascinating.
Peace Bud.
I'll post up some pics a bit later, but not too much to report quite yet.

To all who read this and all who don't:

May Health, Happiness, Peace and Prosperity reign over you in this New Year and all that follow.
Thanks very much Hash. Nothing but drywall, extra flooring and cheapo flouro cans up top. I had the extra change rattling in my pocket 'cause it can't be spent on pain meds anymore -- lol. With a little luck maybe they're be something nice to show in it. Funny you mentioned the garage. That was actually the initial plan, which changed to the laundry room, then morphed into this career area. The heater is an Elite 10 (50w submersible) from a local domesticated mammalian accouterment conglomerate. It has faithfully kept a constant 75 degrees +/- 2 thus far.
Peace to you and thanks again for stopping by with your kind words!
Quick update... no changes anywhere really. I am pleased to see that the clones have not wilted. That's gotta be a good sign.

I bumped up the Mother Earth Tea to 500ppm (recommended amount) on the plants and they seem to like it:

Changes posted as they occur.
Thanks Hash. I'll try to trim down the verbosity- LOL Just trying to keep it light. Yeah, my best laid plans kept changing. As the drs had suggested MJ to augment pain mgmt, I did a bit of reading and thought that cab growing was the right thing for me. So I went that route. It was not long after that I learned the meds were going to have to be pulled. Then I kind of went into a tailspin and thought I better ramp up my intentions. That's actually when the garage came into play, and the rest you know. I guess it appears that I went rabbit hunting with a Howitzer. We'll see how the cab goes and what my actual needs are and reassess at that point. Another reason I didn't want to add a room and it's expense is that I was considering moving at the time. Cart before the horse kind of thing.

Your post came in while I was reading your Stinkbud grow... I'm fascinated!:thumb: Well done Hash! REALLY neat, concise, informative and cool! Did I say entertaining and educational? From what I see so far you have done a brilliant job combatting unruly temps. As you probably noticed, my aerocloner is of Stinkbuds (pass the love on) design. I admire that flowering system and very nearly went that route before that Producer. It looks like just plain fun to build let alone operate! It makes perfect economic and logistical sense. I'm going back to reading it now... Notes and questions to follow I'm sure.
Temps are still an issue especially on days like today when it is below freezing. I understand where you're coming from on the setup, especially the moving portion. If I owned my own home instead of renting, my garden would be much more esthetically pleasing, functional and permanent. Everything I've got right now is built with the forethought of having to be removed and relocated within an hour. It's ugly but it works.

Your utility sink is a must have in my opinion. Do you have the rest of the laundry room setup as well i.e. 220V, drains, etc? If not, you could leave your existing hook ups when you move and say they are for a future bar to go with the rest of the "family room" you added.

The funny thing about the "Stinkbud" grow is that I've used this system since '98. The only difference is back then I used 6" PVC instead of the fence posts and my system was much larger. Now I keep within my legal limits and still use my big net cups. 2" net cups would be a pain.
Colder climate here too... the final straw for nixing the garage from consideration. I think you've done remarkably well as that has to be one tough variable to deal with. Had you ever consisdered/is it possible to, wrap the tent itself in something like R-13?. As for esthetically pleasing... it's beautiful, and it's just the right color... Green. Your planning and ability to pack up and move the room lickety-split must be rewarded with a good, secure feeling.

Yeah, the sink is a plus. No 220 in there and the future bar is a good thought cause I refuse to give up my $70.00 sink! I have to make a cart for my nute mixing/transfer tub as lifting is becoming more of an issue. The importance of that water nearby cannot be overstated.

On the Stinkbud, your variation is great. The size and design seem ideal and certainly preferable to the 6"... and the fact you've been operating for so long is testimony to your design. You've done an excellent job there Hash and I really dig the laying out of everything right down to the cent. There's a lot to be taken home from that.

One concern I had when considering that system was a pump failure and potential loss. Have you ever experienced a down pump, and if so did you come away from it ok?
I've never had a pump fail but we do get a lot of power outages. I've had plants go for more than 24 hrs without water before. They bounce back pretty fast. Now I just use a UPS for the pumps and a propane lantern for power outages. I always good to keep an extra pump on hand though just in case. $25 is cheap insurance.

When I get some more money I will get some insulation. I only need 4 bags of R13 to do the entire space.
I'll post up some pics a bit later, but not too much to report quite yet.

To all who read this and all who don't:

May Health, Happiness, Peace and Prosperity reign over you in this New Year and all that follow.

Update looks good and thanks for the well wishes, the same to you :blunt:.

I was just thinking about your water... I've read on a few journals that when using RO water you need to add CalMag, may be the issue you are having with the yellowing leaves. Just a shot in the dark from a Rookie grower.

Keep it growing :thumb:
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