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Be Honest, I can take it

Flood Stopper

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Guys, if you haven't checked out my Flood Stopper II product please check it out here: Flood Stopper

I need your feedback, sales are slow and I need to know your thoughts.

Watch the video, let me know what you think this product does?

It has been indispensable for me and my operations.

Cant wait to hear from everyone.

Let me have it!! :)

Thanks tons!!!



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Re: Be Honest, I can take it.

Flood Stopper II™ is an appliance that will guard your grow room and shut down pumps in the event of a problem. If your reservoir becomes too low on solution or a growing vessel is about to over flow Flood Stopper II™ will shut down the pumps.

All too often roots clog drains in a deep water culture recalculating hydroponic system and when this occurs a flood is imminent. Flood Stopper II™ monitors each vessel, reservoir or control bucket with a virtually fail proof fluid level sensor. If any of the sensors is triggered due to rising or dropping solution level Flood Stopper II ™ shuts down the pumps.

Imagine not having to worry about coming home to a flood or your house burning down because your pumps ran dry and overheated. Do yourself a favor check out our video and see for yourself how easy it is to set up and how good you will feel when its guarding your grow room 24 hours a day!

YouTube - Flood Stopper II - Taking the worry out of hydroponic gardening

More Information at Flood Stopper II
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Everyone that grows hydroponically needs to think about - and prepare for - worst-case scenarios where the nutrient solution is concerned.

Running dry in a remote-reservoir system can damage your pump and even possibly start a fire. A pump that fails to shut off because either its sensor or a timer, relay, or solenoid fails can not only damage the pump when it pumps all of the solution out (and possibly cause it to catch on fire), it can and often will raise the solution level in the containers where the plants are to such an extent that you have flooding. On top of the embarrassment involved with realizing your system failed, that can cause:

  • a water-logged mess that you must clean up
  • damaged carpets
  • damaged floors
  • damaged drywall
  • damaged ceiling in the room below the grow
  • (if you don't notice the problem soon) warped doors/etc. and mold growth

And for those that rent and live in multi-unit housing, there is the strong possibility that if the problem is severe enough that the person living in the unit beneath you sees a wet ceiling or water coming down, he/she will call his/her landlord or maintenance person either immediately or after knocking on your door. And in the event of an emergency - such as flooding in one of the units - your landlord and their designated agents (IOW, maintenance) are allowed to enter ANY location in their buildings. If you are a legal cannabis grower and come home from work to this situation, it could mean that you have to move (your lease probably doesn't allow you to grow at the expense of the owner's and other renters' property) or at least pay for the damage. If you are not a legal cannabis grower, add to that the likelihood that someone will have called the police when your grow was discovered.

Add to everything else the humiliation you'll suffer when you remember reading this thread and realize that everything could have been easily prevented, lol.

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Flood Stopper, welcome to 420Magazine and thank you for becoming a sponsor. Your product looks well-constructed - are those BNC connectors? I just visited your site and viewed your video. I get the feeling that you are a person that saw a potential need and decided to fill it (rather than a salesman that was standing around one way wondering how he could make money off of us, lol).

One suggestion I'll make for a future deluxe version: It would be dead-simple to add either a switchable light/alarm or a relay that controls one to a device like this. That would be handy so that if the person is home, they would receive an immediate indicator that they need to go tend to the problem in their garden. Less simple and slightly more expensive - IOW, better for an option than to add it to every product you sell - would be an option to call, SMS, or email someone to let them know that they have a problem.

Flood Stopper

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Thank you so much Tortured Soul,

You hit the nail on the head!

Yes, it is extremely well built, I use top of the line components, some even medical grade, like the power supply. The reason its over built is I did not want it to fail just when someone needed it most. However it added cost. I hand assemble them. The connectors are not BNC but a military grade two contact connector.

You read my mind, I have already designed a system that can call or SMS in the event of a failure. I have not produced it yet however. Its relatively simple thou.

The system does not require it because it will manage any condition until someone returns to the system and sees the off LED is lit. However if it was to totally shut down a system it sure would great to know if a person was gone for an extended time.

Thanks for taking the time to respond and give your awesome thoughts!


I think this is a very fine product you offer. Unfortunately, like anything in life, one has to go through "This will never happen to me" then it does, before they purchase one.

My biggest problem I learned about flooding, was the 35 Gallon garbage can, that was left in the room, forgot to turn it off, R/O and well, as it was dripping into our downstairs master. 2300 bucks in repairs, wood replacement, carpet, dry wall... Now it sits in a bathtub.


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Flood Stopper: coming in a bit late, but great thread and great sounding product! I really hope it goes well for you. Launching new stuff like this can be rough. I totally see the need, however.

Question: is your device designed/rated for outdoor applications?

Thank you, and best of luck either way!
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