BeachBumCH Grow Journal - AK47, Dr Grinspoon, and Ice Cool


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Hi Everyone!

This is my first grow journal as a medical marijuana patient in Michigan. My major goal is to balance all aspects of the grow, getting the most bang for the buck while not having to spend a great deal of time maintaining and/or building a complex system.

I will be using this journal to plan, maintain, and document my personal supply of medical marijuana while staying within the 12 plant, 2.5oz legal limit here in Michigan. This will be accomplished by having a steady rotation of 3 plants in vegetative state, 3 plants in flowering, and 3 plants drying. This leaves me room for 3 more plants, which could be extra clones, a new strain I want to try, or a male plant to gather pollen without exceeding the 12 plant limit. 

I am also looking for any feedback, help, or suggestions on any part of this grow journal that I can get. Im always looking to improve!

GROW ROOM: ($35)
25' roll 2mil Mylar ($25)
Black Plastic ($10)
8'X8'X7’ room sectioned into 2 areas. Vegetative and flower.
Vegetative area is 4'X3'X7'
Flower area is 4'X4'X7'

All areas are lined with mylar. The flowering area has black plastic to keep light out during the dark periods. The entire room is insulated, and lined with plastic to keep odors and temp under control.

I run a small heater in here to control the temperature during the winter. During the summer, the fresh air circulation from the outside keeps the temp down. There are fans running in various places and an in-line vent fan that runs directly outside under my deck. There is also fresh outside air brought in from the back of the room.

LIGHTING: ($170)
Vegetative is 4 4' Florescent ballast's. 2 warm and 2 cool bulbs ($30 ballast with bulbs)
Flower is 400 watt HPS with remote ballast. (HTG Supply - $140 shipped with 2 year warranty)

Vegetative areas runs florescent lighting 24 hours a day
Flowering area runs 400watt HPS 12 hours on 12 hours off.

1 16”x24”x6” (or similar) plastic container with lid - Seed/Clone Bucket ($5)
7 5gallon buckets with lids ($3.50 each, $31.50 total)
1 10’ 3/4” PVC ($2.50)
1 Drinking Straws ($1.50)
1 4 outlet General Hydroponics Dual Diaphragm 395gph air pump ($65)

6 6” Air Stones ($1.5 each, $12 total)
1/2” Tubing (50‘ roll is about $20)
Aluminum Duct Tape ($15 for two 50’ rolls)

I will be using 7 buckets total. 3 for vegetative stage, 3 for flowering stage and 1 to have ready for water changes. The 7th bucket is prepared with fresh water and nutrients and a plant is moved to it. Then I clean and refill that bucket the same way and put the next plant in. I just repeat until all the plants have had a water change. 

The 5 gallon buckets are wrapped in aluminum tape. It does a great job at keeping light out of the bucket and provides a little reflection. I cut a hole in the center of the lid that fits a 5” net pot and 2 other 3/4” holes for the water level gauge and fill hose. I will be using 1 6” airstone in each bucket with the tubing ran through a small hole above the water line in the side of the bucket.
 The second 3/4” hole is for adding water through a funnel and hose. I just cover the hole when not in use with a square I made out of aluminum tape.

The level gauge is constructed with one 12” section of 3/4” PVC, a straw, and a small piece of foam. Wrap electrical tape around one end of the 3/4” PVC and put in one of the 3/4” holes. Cut down a small piece of scrap foam until it fits in the 3/4” PVC. Tape the foam to the bottom of the straw and put the straw inside the 3/4” PVC. Mark the straw at the top of the 3/4” PVC with 3 gallons of water in the bucket. This level will change as roots grow and take up more space, so I need to check the gauge for accuracy every water change. I just make a new mark on the straw when needed. I also trim the straw down a bit so that plant dont get in the way. 

I use the 16”x24”x6” container for seedlings and clones. I can put up to 6 plants in it and it holds 3 gallons of water. This is way easier than individual buckets when they are that young/new. I make sure I dont leave them in there to long and let their roots get tangled up. When they have a good root system going, I transfer them to their own buckets.


AK47 -

Ice Cool -

Dr. Grinspoon -

Rapid Rooter 50 Count Tray &Plugs Free CloneX ($23)
Humidity Dome ($5)
10 pack - 5" Net Pots ($12)
Hydroton 10 Liter Bag ($12)





To start my seeds, I put them in a light prof container with fresh distilled water in a warm dark place. They usually crack open after 2 or 3 days. I then put them into Rapid Rooter plugs with the little root facing down. Once in the plug, I put them into a tray, mist them lightly, place a humidity dome over the tray and return them to a warm dark place. Once the seedlings pops out the top of the plugs, I put them under the florescent lights 24 hours a day. I mist them daily and wait until they stand up straight. They are now ready to be put into net baskets and then in the Seedling/Clone Bucket. The cloning bucket has 3 gallons of PH balanced water in it, but I only use enough nutrients for 1 gallon. They dont need much at this stage. 


2 clones are taken from each plant after final fresh water flush of vegetative stage is complete. After clones are taken, the mother plant goes into flowering stage and 1 of its 2 clones will become the new mother plant to clone and flower again. The one that proves the strongest gets the job and the other is destroyed (or given to a fellow grower) to stay within the 12 plant maximum limit. This will continue on each strain until im ready to try a new strain. 

I will be adding a detailed section with pictures on cloning when these plants make it to that point

WATER/WATER CHANGES: ($15 a month)
Each bucket has 3 gallons of water in it. I will be doing water changes once every 2 weeks while maintaining the original water level in between.

I live on a well system and the water is pretty hard. Most grocery stores have reverse osmosis water available for refilling your own containers. Each bucket runs on 3 gallons of water and costs $.30 a gallon. If this system is running at full capacity, 6 buckets, then each water change requires 18 gallons. Thats ruffly $6 per water change. Not to bad to have good water.

Europonic 2 part Grow ($15 each, $30 total) 2 gallons

Europonic 2 part Bloom ($15 each, $30 total) 2 gallons
General Hydroponics PH Kit - Including PH Up, PH Down and PH Tests ($17)

pH will be kept as close to 6 as possible. I will be checking and adjusting it once a week.

Nutrients will be given at each water change. A full dose is 3 tbsp per gallon.

I will be slowly working the plants into the 3 tbsp per gallon to avoid burning or stressing them. Start out with 1 tbsp per gallon and by the end of the first month, be at 3 tbsp per gallon. Use 3 tbsp per gallon for every water change after the 3rd. Flush with fresh water for 1 week after vegetative and flowering cycles.

Vegetative/Flowering Cycle Nutrient Feeding:
Initial setup - 1 tbsp per gallon

1st water change - 2 tbsp per gallon
2nd water change - 3 tbsp per gallon

3 tbsp for each additional water change until cycle if over.

Flush with fresh water (no nutrients) for 1 week. 

I spent $60 on these nutrients and I got 4 gallons total, which will last me a long time. I have used it on 3 grows now with very good results! I cant say its great or the best because I haven't used anything else to compare it with, but I can say I haven't had any problems with it.

This is the schedule I will follow. After initial setup, the maintenance is pretty simple. The most time consuming times will be water changes every 2 weeks.

Check Water Level and add fresh distilled, PH balanced water as needed.
 Look for and correct plant deficiencies.
 Adjust lighting

Check and adjust PH level in each bucket.

Water change with distilled PH balanced water and fresh nutrients.

03/30/2010 - AK47 and Ice Cool put into germination

04/01/2010 - Dr. Grinspoon put into germination

04/07/2010 - AK47 and Ice Cool put into vegetative mode.

04/09/2010 - Dr. Grinspoon put into vegetative mode.
04/12/2010 - Started grow Journal

Dr. Grinspoon -

Ice Cool -

AK47 -


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GREAT NEWS!! My Aunt just got her card and signed me up as her caregiver. The paperwork is on its way. This means I can have a total of 24 plants. Figures I find out right after getting this up. Im not going to change this post, but rather just add the changes in this and future messages. It might help someone out with their personal supply if I leave everything for a 12 plant limit above. However, all the updates on this grow will be for my new 24 plant limit.

So now I can have 24 plants. :slide: The major change I will be making is maintaining mother plants and flowering from their clones. I was not maintaining mothers above because I had a 12 plant limit and it just wasnt worth it. Now with 24 plants it is and should make the whole process smoother. This means 3 mothers, 6 clones, 6 flowering, and 6 drying. This leaves me with a little wiggle room for 3 more plants. It is more work, but not much more.

I will be adding my old 150hps to the flowering room for a total of 550 watts.

I have made more room in the same looked facility and will be creating a cloning area. Im taking out the shelves and making it here

I will post updates as the changes happen and as the plants grow. Thanks for looking!


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Its been a couple weeks since last update and things have changed a lot. I decided to put Dr. Grinspoon and AK47 into flowering and leave Ice Cool as a mother plant to take clones from.

- is such a nice plant and is very healthy. She is staying at manageable height, produces large amounts of buds in a short amount of time and has 20-22% THC. Im also building a cloning table and working on new ventilation for the entire room. Ill post updates when I get them up and running.



- is also and very nice plant, but she grows really tall, has a longer flowering period, and produces less product over all. It would also be hard, for me, to maintain her as a mother plant because Im still a newbie when it comes to growing. Why did I grow it then? Well, I like a challenge, she looks very cool and produces 25% THC.


AK47 .......Dont know what to say......Its been a mutate from the beginning, but it has always grown very well. Its branches just grow in funny directions and look all gnarly. Definitely not what I would think is a good mother plant, but not to bad to flower I would think. If anything its very interesting to watch.


Dr. Grinspoon on left. AK47 Mutate on the right! ;0)



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Thank you for the comments and sorry Its been a while since my last update. Im just going to give my thoughts and basic changes and keep the details for another grow journal. This one will be coming to an end soon.

Things, again, have changed dramatically. Here are some new thoughts I have based on this grow:

1. A friend of mine has talked me into plumbing everything together. I was trying to avoid it, but even with just 12 plants, it will life much easier. As you can see by the size of Dr. Grinspoon and AK47, its getting hard to change their water or just mange them in general. I do use a siphon pump to empty them, but that is still a pain. Now I will have one valve to dump them all.

2. Im going to use an external reservoir bucket to maintain water level, ph and tds. I still say my water level meter is pretty cool for setups that are not plumbed together or are small. Its cost effective and works great. I have the means and need to upgrade and I think this is a worthy one.

3. Im going to be using digital ph and tds meters. Specifically the Milwaukee PH56 and T76. Man I am so sick of those test kits. Yes they work but what a pain in the ass. If you get some extra cash, buy digital meters. I paid about $150 total for both meters, cleaning, and calibration solutions online.

4. I will be maintaining mother plants and flowering their clones. As you can see in my current grow, they grew like crazy. If i had put them into flowering as 2 week old clones, they wouldnt have a chance to get so big before harvest. At least thats my new theory, I could be complete wrong.

Now, I know I have a problem here. My plants are growing into the light and that cant be good. Its Dr. Grinspoon mainly causing the problem, little bitch! ;0) Just kidding, I love her also. Anyway, do I keep tying her to the wall or should I just trim her down?

The other problem I have is Ice Cool, which is in veg mode, is flowering! I tried my best to get a picture of it, but for sure, she is pushing out white hairs. I have her in 24 hour florescent light and veg mode nutes. She was grown from a feminized seed, but no mention of auto flowering. Not sure what Im doing wrong with her, any ideas?

So, here are the pics:







I didnt add a close up of Dr. Grinspoon flowering because she just today started to shoot out some hairs. They were hard for me to find, so Im sure a picture would be hard to get. I will add one next round.



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Dr. Grinspoon and Ak47 have totally grew out of control and had to be pulled out of the closet. I had to move the 400 HPS lighting out in the main area and also use the 150 HPS. Also, Ice Cool started budding for sure, probably due to me allowing the HPS light to reach her during the day. So I just threw her all the way into budding. Now, between all 3 of them, they have taken over the entire room. I mean from floor to the ceiling wall to wall man. I cannot raise my light anymore and all I can do is keep tying them down. Right now Dr.Grinspoon is about 6'6" tall

AK47 Left - DR.GRINSPOON Center - ICE COOL Right







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