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hey everybody, i'm new to this site so i'm just checkin things out seein if anybody from boston or the surrounding area. im a student at Wentworth Institute of Technology and i love pot. i got a simple little grow going on in my closet and have read a lot about growing but i still got too many questions for my own liking. i only have two plants right now but i ordered an Aerogarden the other day and im real pumped to set that up and produce some glowing hydroponics buds. My grow includes only 2 plants cause its my first time and i wants trying to get myself into anything too complicated for my first time. one of the plants is Vanessa, she is my baby. her seed came from a bag of organic afghan i got from my cali dealer. the other plant is white widow that was started in my hometown on the south shore of MA and was f ed up from the beginning. its growth was stunted in its vegetative state for reasons that i cant explain. Now its starting to bud but its not looking so hot. I have a few concerns about this aerogarden thats coming so if anybody has one or has worked with one let me know how it is.

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High and welcome to the 420 community.

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Peace and good growing :rollit:
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