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Bebecillo's Guide to Stealth Cannabutter - Recipe & Advice


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Hi all,

My gf hates cannabis taste, that's the biggest problem we face when getting edibles because people are lazy and cook like shit (specially, considering it's illegal in my country).

This guide will teach you to make discrete, neutral tasting cannabis butter right after you harvest and even if you haven't flushed (useful when you get a hermie and have to kill it).

Warning: This is a simple method, therefore there will be a CBD and terpene loss due to lack of sealed materials for cooking. THC potency will remain intact and 100% activated.

What you need:

1.- Cannabis plant material. It can be leaves, buds or a whole plant (sans root). It has to be whole or cut in mid to large pieces, not grinded nor previously decarbed. Fresh bud (just harvested) will work great on this.

2.- A cooking pot that lets you cover your plant material

3.- A strainer

4.- Butter. I used a 250g package, but that varies according to how much material you use. The minimum is 125g

5.- A smaller cooking pot for your butter.

First: Washing your weed.

The first thing you need to do is wash your weed to get rid of chlorophyll and leftover nutes. Fill your pot with water and heat to boil, then add your plant material and "cook" over 5-15 minutes, depending on how much material you throw.

It's normal for water to turn brown and even smell kinda off (specially if you used fish based nutrients). Once this happens or the time goes by strain your weed and start the process again.

Usually two washes will do, but more can be needed if you're cooking too much material on a single batch. If the plant was previously carbed just once might do, your milleage might vary.

Second: Heating butter

After you strain your weed (don't press or mash it!) it will be much more malleable. Place the smaller pot on the heater that washed your water to use that residual heat while you're straining the material and add the butter, that way it will be softer once you add the weed.

Once the butter is soft or liquid add the weed and mix at mid heat. Keep mixing and use your stove @ 60-75% power mixing every few minutes to avoid premature burning of the weed. Once it's all mixed up your stove to 80-100% (Note: always err on the low side. High values are for low power stoves) and your cannabis should start boiling like pop rocks candy.

Every couple minutes add water to compensate evaporation due to cooking.

If you have a thermometer your temperature should ideally be around 105°C (220F)

Third: When do I stop?

Usually I cook for 2-4 hours according to how much material I'm using. The pop rock candy-like bubbles you saw should stop once the weed has decarbed to the maximum. After that you must lower your temps to 60-75% again and not excede 105° C to avoid burning cannabis. At this time you should be able to strain your butter and put it on a container.

If your temps were too high for too long your bud will fry itself. If you smell toast stop, that's the sign there's nothing else for you to get other than toast flavour. If that were to happen you will see dark oil but don't worry, it won't affect the taste at all.

Once your butter settles any impurities should've gone down and excess water remained top. Put your butter on the fridge for a couple hours and then move to the final container for it. If excess water was produced save that water and add it to one of your recipes to use any oil that coul've been there.

Final Product


Your final product should look like this. Dossage will depend on the ammount of material you use, thc concentration and dillution in butter. If you don't know how to measure or don't have the equipment have a toast with butter or taste a small dossage and wait a couple hours to see how much it affects you. Once you do that you'll be able to use it responsibly on recipes.

Hope you enjoyed this recipe. I'm sorry for the lack of pictures but I was too worried cooking and forgot to take some. Will update the next time I make butter or cook with cannabis.



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