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Tennessee Tim

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I support all efforts to push for full federal legalization of cannabis! No other agenda's or party affiliations have relevance, as both major US political parties have fully contributed to the atrocities created by prohibitions on garden herbs! No political rhetoric , just action, is all I want to hear about! I will not respond to political messages, only messages that fully assert that both parties in the USA have equal blame for their parties crimes against the constitution/citizens rights, beginning with progressive democrats and sustained by them and especially more so now, conservative republicans! Yes, vote for whoever you think best, if they support legalization. Vote for the lying, pandering, wimp or whiner, the loud, too proud rich boy, or whatever type you must, just as long as they actually pursue an active legalization course! We messed up back when we empowered lawyers too much by allowing the concept of accepting past judgement's by their own profession as more important to constitutional law than the original document/intent. Now, more so than ever, we have to contend with judges that are appointed successful lawyers, ruling for life in a system created by lawyers, however their personal political preference desires, as opposed to the intent of Congress in writing the law and the Constitutions protections!These type"A" lawyers, that are most politically connected, now rule our land, the rest of our government serving them, including congress and the president! No wonder we lost the freedom of our gardens, what we eat, drink and how we relax! Give me liberty in my home and garden or continue the death spiral of a federal behemoth run amok, attempting to control and manipulate it's citizen's lives. Freedom starts with our homes, gardens, tables and freedom of conscience to pursue life ,liberty and happiness, how we see fit ,so far as it does not infringe on another's space to reasonably, do so as well. If my dislike of alcohol is vehement, then I can avoid it and speak out against it, but not infringe on another's right to use it! Same with sugar, salt, cannabis, turnips or whatever. Common sense, is it not? What could possibly give another person the right to deny someone from growing God given plants in their garden? It is certainly not written or intended in our Constitution to deny freedom of garden content, or what to eat, drink or smoke! If we know something does great harm, especially to children, we can educate, rehabilitate and in the case of children, establish protective policy that does not unreasonably, interfere with adult gardens or uses. Out right prohibitions, by government of natural herbs(used by mankind likely 5000 years), or food, drink or smoke from them, is outrageous and is an extreme totalitarian act! Abolish the DEA, The Marijuana Control Act and any other federal controls over cannabis grown in our homes and used there or in our private clubs, groups or businesses. I can grudgingly give in to taxing/food safety regulations, just as for a food crop, only if and when sold for profit! We need to seek justice against the "drug War Czars)", all living presidents(Present and Past), their attorney generals, the Federal judges who have supported and upheld this outrageous constitutional violation and zealous state and local officials, judges, governors, mayors, police chiefs and etc. who colluded with them and promoted enforcement of these bad laws! I would like to see them get the same type of prison time as the cannabis growers have received in their states in the worse abused examples of past cannabis enforcement sentencing! 25 years in prison would be fitting justice, so that these criminals of crimes against our citizens may die in prison, where they put so many!
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