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Becoming a grower in NV

Kenny Powers

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How many patients does a caregiver need to be deemed a caregiver?


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there are many regulations here
the first two yrs were free for me. the state didnt charge back then! i always get a packet with the rules and gegulations
4 immature plants veg. 3 adult plants flwr. one dried oz.
this is what your allowed. no clones seedlings or anything.
keep the numbers close! you dont want trouble

Sprouts McGee

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if you dont smoke, I have seen a doctors note for up to 99 plants and cary 32oz. For eating puposes only. IS there any truth to this?


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ive heard of many different waivers. yet ive seen not one. for the first few years there was 0.00 dollars for this program for me. 3-flowering plants and 4-vegin plants with 1 oz of usable cannabis. your seeds now count as your weight. this is not so easy to do on disability, family comes first. im so tired of drs and all the crazy stuff they have done to me. i draw the limit at brain surgery especially since it didnt work. if only i could have found quality beans before they cut me.
alls i have to say is be careful be quite and pay your bills. no selling! anything! thats if you want to stay out of trouble! the laws are not fair but before cannabis worked for me i thought people just made up excuses. actually i left cannabis for the very last resort. i thought it would ruin my life. in a way it has! just because the costs and work, not to mention the main reason. my dream a 68 camaro ive been workin on since about 1999. its very cool but i havent touched it for some time! sorry ramblin

Sprouts McGee

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i like saying both but I am not homophobic or a racist but I wouldn't say it in forumtalk,
The Post I would assume it will be deleted soon and the user should be warned.

Poke Smot

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I would like to see an outdoor grow from here the hot climate is very intriguing. Any thoughts


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Hell ya the right strain and some light dep. And you can grow some really nice buds out here in vegas.


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OK everyone, we all should know by now that NV is about to kick off with dispensaries very soon... I for one want to become a supplier to these dispensaries. I do not have my patient card yet for NV, but I had one for 3 years in CA prior to moving here in '05. At that time all I could do is grow/ possess so I never got my NV card. Made no sense since I did not have the means to grow my own. I am about to make this happen... any advice out there regarding "doing it right" ??? I know how to grow, but I want to remain legal. I know thru friends who grow in CA that there are limitations based on your acreage... any info regarding this for NV??? Details are difficult to track down at this point. My current lease is up in Nov & I plan on moving where I will have a minimum of 1 acre - hopefully more - tips, tips, tips are both desired & appreciated.


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In Nevada starting next summer the state will allow so many dispensary's per county. 40 in Clark County which is basically Las Vegas.
and what will be different here is, You can have a for profit business. And it cost $20,000.00 for the initial licence and $5,000.00 a year after that... You can forge a Co-Operation Grow, and grow meds for who ever signs on with you. The trade off is labor and or a 1/4 ounce a week to the patient.
Nevada is a great climate for growing with it's Afghanistan conditions, the two crucial factors... variable high heat during the day and temp drops at night. But the desert is great, there aren't a lot of the bugs and pest that you find else where.
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