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Beebop76's Promix OC+ LED White Widow Grow 2011


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ok, i freak over high rh, so take this w/a grain of salt. ESPECIALLY during the last 3weeks of flower, i'd run a dehumid all the time. i've had bad luck in the past w/high humidity. i'd try to get it to stabilize between 40/50% as soon as possible. again....it's u're grow.


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August 15, Day 39 Flower.
Plants thriving, been too busy to post pictures but snapped this with my phone camera and thought I'd post. Will post more pictures in a few days or so.


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another couple weeks & u can trim up some of the lower leafs. it looks like u'll have plenty up on top for osmosis. this is a very nice grow. u should be proud.


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August 19, Day 43 Flower

Things are going well, I haven't put the dehumidifier up there yet but will next week. I have two fans running on them from both directions and the airflow is good with a rh in the 50-60 range. One of the things I've learned quickly is the more research you do, the more differing opinions you find amongst successful growers. After much debate, I started trimming fan leaves (blasphemy to some, I know) along the bottom of all the plants over the past few weeks in order to get light on the bottom buds. I've already noticed the popcorn below is getting bigger so I'm okay with it.

Any guesses at total yield?:) I'm happy with my first grow so far, and already proven to myself LED and OC+ are a great/easy/effective combo.

View in Tent:

Topview out of tent:


Sideview with flash:

This used to be my runt..ha:

Buds are getting dense and juicy:






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uuhhhh....hunerd pounds! no, seriously, i wouldn't hazzard a guess, but it's gonna be very good. they're fattening up really well. just keep the rh down. i'd hate to see u lose any to bud rot.


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good looking grow. i just started my grow with the extreme flower 740 watt LED.
20 days under the light so far and all is looking good. im anxious to know your final dry weight. peace


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September 2, Day 57 Flower
Buds are filling in and getting close to finish line. I took a few popcorn buds a week ago for testing and dried/cured for a week and two bong hits put me on the couch for hours. One of my plants matured much faster than the others, all of the pistils were dark orange and I noticed about 60% amber trichomes. I cut off most of the tops off this plant and they are currently drying. I left everything under the colas so the smaller buds can fill out before I harvest this entire plant. The other plants have a ways to go and trichomes on the others are mostly clear/cloudy with about 15% amber.

Plants under Lights (the back right plant is the one that was partially harvested):



Side View of my biggest plant:

Plant 2:

All three:

Bud close-up:

Close up #2:

Cose up #3:

Drying buds:


Close up of drying bud:

Drying bud:

Drying bud:

Sugar coated!:

My next update will probably be when I'm ready to harvest the entire crop. Thanks.


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Sept 19: I harvested some popcorn buds and a couple of medium sized buds on each plant as the trichs were turning amber to a various degree on all of them (posted pic of this in my last journal update). I have about about 1.5 oz now from this first harvest where the amber ration was 20-30% as I wanted a heady high. I've already hooked up a few friends with this batch and the smoke is great. Buddy of mine took a few bong hits with me and we were in the car and he could barely talk on the phone while his wife was yelling at him and I was laughing at the spectacle. That type of high. Clear, heady, functional and doesn't make you tired.

My biggest plant I harvested most of the colas yesterday so after 73 days of flowering. I've sampled this one and it's a totally different high. Kicks your ass much harder than the previous sample, two bong hits and you're numb and smiling almost instantly. The first batch is great, but psyched that my biggest plant is what I prefer as the best smoke. Definitely among the best I've ever smoked period in 20+ years of smoking weed and pretty happy I grew it myself! Pictures below, note that I have about 50%+ of the plants still growing and I've decided to put them under 72 hours of darkness before harvesting the final batch.
Buds from my first harvest:

One of the colas on my "big" plant that kicks your ass:

Close up of a bud from my first harvest:

White widow! First harvest pics:

Hanging to dry, harvested on 9/18. Most of these buds are from my killer plant. LST and Topping absolutely works, these buds are big, juicy and caked with sugar:

Closer up:

If you look at the bud all the way on the left and the last one on the right, you can see they are much leafier. These two are from another plant and I was unhappy with how leafy it was. All these seeds are from the same breeder, but the genetics were definitely different between the regular WW and the feminized ones (the feminized ones were the leafy ones). Probably just the breeder, but realized that genetics are so key to the end product. I took care of all the plants under same conditions but they ended up quite differently.


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i'd bet u never BUY meds again. like they say....mj ain't addictive, but growin' it is. i've always thought fem seeds don't produce as good as regular...you?


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Nice grow, and really well done LST work. I wasn't planning on doing much, but I might go with LST after seeing the results here.


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Alas the summer is over as I write this, 10/2/11. I started early May and finished up a couple weeks ago per my last post, I spent at least an hour (some times many more!) each day for 5 months on my first grow. Truly an amazing experience. I ended up yielding about 7 oz on my 3 plants (bit more as I have been providing friends with samples). I learned a ton and sure I can do better next time although I won't start another grow for awhile due to other things going on. Thanks to all who followed esp you pawpaw! If you lived closer would love for you to sample my garden. Anyhow, here are my final pics, moderators please feel free to move to "completed journals".

Jars of my finished product:

Spread out:

Two of my plants had similar phenotype. This is the "leafier" of the two, still great smoke. Kicks your ass and tastes great, spicy but fruity aftertaste:

This is from my largest and favorite plant, much more orange, bit fluffier. Sweet taste, two bong hits and you're sitting pretty for hours:

Closer up of the "leafier" plant:

Closer up of fluffier/orange "big" plant:

More from this plant, holding a bunch of buds with my hand:

Iphone to show scale:

Last pic of my grow journal!:

Thanks all, including 420mag....great site, good people, and taught me everything i know.:thanks:


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i was just looking thru u're journal & noticed something i missed. it looks like the fresh air intake was right next to the carbon filter. it should've been at the bottom of u're tent to circulate the air "thru" the tent. that 'may' have contributed to the rh problem. sorry i missed that, but u did i beautiful grow, anyway. if i helped, in any way, u're very welcome. i learned from u're grow too. i learned that i'm getting an led light...NOW! congrats, & good luck on u're next grow. hope u'll let me know when u start another journal. beautiful, CLEAN, grow!


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Thx crypt. Paw, what pic you looking at? Anyhow, I did have intake on bottom of tent. Thx again.


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Great grow! I'm looking for some info on beginner's grows, and wanted to pick your brain, if I may. I was wondering:
What spectrum of led you used. On searches I've seen full-spectrum, tri-band, and ultraviolet, any preference?
I was planning on going HPS for my first grow, to be able to upgrade easily, and to ensure nice, thick, frosty buds. Any reasons why you feel LED is better(or maybe now you're thinking you should've gone another way)?
What were the dimensions of your box/closet, and how much of that(height, width) did your plants take up?
Were there any things that stick out as huge mistakes, or really good ideas?
Thanks for the great thread, sorry you did't get the audience you wanted, but this journal is still really good for those of us that ARE here.
PS. I'm really interested in how white widow performed. which plant was that, or did you get them all mixed up?
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sauron, sorry havent been on here in some time. I spent months doing my homework on all the basics and suggest you do the same first. The "how to grow" section on here is a must read. Next best thing is following other journals which looks like you're doing. I also HIGHLY recommend you check out the OC+ post on here, it easy, cheap and works very well. As for LED vs HPS, you'll get differing opinions but fact is LED has improved significantly and there are tons of grows here supporting that fact. I'd go for at least 3w but the technology keeps evolving and it's more important to not go by specs (bc ppl bs them sometimes) but rather by a reputable LED company. My light was awesome and I watched many successful grows with it before purchasing it but since they are no longer a sponsor I can't share name here. AdvancedLED looks like they make good lights based on what I've read here and they are a sponsor. HPS of course is tried and true, but I liked the fact that: LED takes less electricity even though higher up front cost and also I was growing in attic so needed less heat emitting from lights. My tent is about 4.5 x 4.5 and the height was 6 feet... I had a 300W LED which gave me good coverage. If you're going indoors, LED won't reach the bottom of the plants so make sure you learn how to LST and Top your plants. My height on plants never exceeded 3 feet due to my training methods but they were bushy as hell. I made a ton of mistakes, most of which are on here. In summary: 1) LED works very well, my buds are very frosty and one bong hit and youre good. Genetics of seed are important (watch out for clones, pests.) and environment of course is as well, but LED shouldnt be a concern 2) again...OC+ for first grow?? cant go wrong. 3) Make sure you control temps and humidity (ph vital too although i think you can get away with a bit more using 0C+). Also, this is basic but as a first timer, dont tell anyone you're growing. That would be rule #1. good luck.
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