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Beebop76's Promix OC+ LED White Widow Grow 2011


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As for LED vs HPS, you'll get differing opinions but fact is LED has improved significantly and there are tons of grows here supporting that fact.1) LED works very well, my buds are very frosty and one bong hit and youre good.
opinions are like a$$holes, everybody's got one, and no one wants to hear anyone else's - but in this instance, I want your opinion. So, you think they are more expensive, but less heat and not as much light penetration? Even if watts don't matter, what about the different spectrums offered? I'd heard they had better penetration, as the light went right THRU the leaves, is this wrong? Since I plan to go hempy, height should not be a prob, as the plants go straight to 12/12 after cloning and rooting, so WW would max out around 36". I would love to get a comparison of hps vs led pros and cons. I have extensively read the growers tips on this site, as well as reading any journals that seem to relate to my upcoming grow(just waiting on the seeds to arrive)

OC+ for first grow?? cant go wrong.
Thanks for the advice, this is the first I'm hearing of OC+. I was planning on using coco fiber mixed with perm and verm to get my seeds through the veg, then chopping them down(6 plants to 25-30 clones), rooting, then dropping into hempy's. I have asked many people, but no one will tell me if this method of destroying the mothers to get clones will work, but I only have 1 light, and 1 tent, so I can't veg the moms and flower the clones at the same time, and I really wanna go hempy(and I don't wanna grow each hempy from a $12 feminized seed.)

3) Make sure you control temps and humidity
Any advice on what steps to take for a 3'x3'x7' space? I'm using an agromax tent(r they a sponsor?) and I'm finding it confusing to hook up ducting, as the walls are made of fabric and cannot support weight. I've invested too much in this tent to build my own without even using it, so I gotta work this out. I've left the 400w HPS on for a few hours to test it, and the temp went up to about 90f before leveling off(without plants growing yet, just empty tent with a couple vent holes open and a 6" fan blowing inside.)

Thanks so much for your help, and best of luck on your grow

PS. any specifics on how the WW performed in this grow? That's what I'm gonna use, so any info on height/odor/yield, etc.?

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Thanks for sharing your grow with us!

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