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Beer Keg Setup - What do I need to change to CO2 for 4x4 Tent or/and 2x4 Tent


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I have a full bottle of CO2 left from when I had a Kegerator set up in my basement fridge for Beer. I have the full Tank, the gauge and the fitting to the tank, but a few questions;

Is it worth having CO2 in a 4x4 tent ?
What parts do I need to purchase to to create a workable CO2 plant system and what will it cost me?
Can I run CO2 to another 2x4 tent I have with the one setup?
How do you know how much CO2 is already in the tent and then how much to add?

I found this on eBay and need to know if this is all I need-"Aquarium Aluminum Bubble Counter with Check Valve Co2 Diffuser Regulator CALS"



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In order for CO2 to be cost effective you need to be growing in a closed system, meaning no air escapes. Not really something I would recommend for a 4x4 grow tent.
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