BeezLuiz & LiquidIntel Outdoor Grow 2019: White Widow, Northern Lights & CBD Lemon Potion

After last year's successful first grow, we can't wait to get started on another outdoor grow season! :party:

A little background info first: I live in Northern California's Bay Area. I've been growing tomatoes & peppers in my back yard for about 30 years, and last year my son, (@Liquidintel ) and I decided to give growing weed (the good kind) a try. We bought 5 clones (different strains) from our local dispensary and threw them outside in fiber pots. I didn't really know what I was doing until I found this great site here, but the plants turned out better than our wildest expectations - due in large part to 420 Mag! :yahoo:

So this year we've decided to grow a couple of classics and try a CBD - all started from seeds. We hope to have another great season and continue learning and hopefully sharing some of our success. Here's this years line-up:

White Widow from Dope Seeds
Northern Lights from Dope Seeds
Lemon Potion Auto from Barney's Farm

Grow Medium:
Soil 01.jpg

Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil (FFOF)
20 gallon fiber pots

During seedling stage they will be indoor under some very inexpensive 9 watt full spectrum LED bulbs.
When large enough and warm enough: Mother Nature will take over. :cool:
Lights 01.jpg

Nutrients - Emerald Harvest line-up:
Cali Pro Grow A & B
Cali Pro Bloom A & B
Root Wizard (root promoter)
Emerald Goddess (plant tonic)
King Kola (bloom booster)
Honey Chome (aroma & resin enhancer)
Nutes 01.jpg
Here's some strain info gathered from the breeder and other sites:

White Widow
Feminized seed from Dope Seeds
Genetics: Brazilian Sativa x South Indian Indica (60% S / 40% I)
Approx THC: 19%

Northern Lights
Feminized seed from Dope Seeds
Genetics: Afghani Landrace (100% Indica)
Approx THC: 18%

CBD Lemon Potion
Feminized Auto seed from Barney's Farm
Genetics: Lemon Kush x CBD Crew CBD enriched x Auto
Approx THC: 8%
Approx CBD: 15%

I dropped them in a cup of distilled water on 3/24

12 hours later we moved them into wet paper towels, cover with a small plate and placed them on the top shelf of a kitchen cabinet. Top shelf because heat rises and that seemed to be a perfect temp -- approx 75F (24C).
Seeds 02a.jpg

24 hrs later we had tadpoles!
Seeds 06.jpg

After that, they went into solo cups filled with "Seedling Starter Soil".
On 3/28 Lemon Potion was the first to pop above the surface!

12 hours later, the other two followed. 100% germination success. :yahoo:
:morenutes:Regarding nutrients, the little girls just got water until about day 7. Then I started adding 1.5 ml/gal of Grow and also 1 ml/gal of some seedling root enhancer that I've typically used on my tomato seedlings in the past.

Last year, 2/3 of the way through my grow I started using Bloom nuts from Emerald Harvest as well as their King Kola (bud enhancer) and Honey Chome (aroma and resin enhancer). I was very happy with the performance of these, so this year I'm starting of with their nutrient line. My local grow supply had a sweet deal on a full set of their nutes so I'm giving them a go. In addition to the grow, bloom, King Kola, and Honey Chome, I'll also be trying out their Root Wizard which, as the name implies, enhances root growth. Also new for this year will be the use of Emerald Goddess which is a plant tonic that is supposed to "help produce a hormone response in plants, improving shoot development, root growth and overall yields." We'll see.....

Here's some progress shots from 4/15:
A group shot with my tomato seedlings.

Welcome aboard! I hope I don't screw anything up LOL.
Today's update for Day 26:

I hope to get these into 20 gallon fiber pots later today - once @Liquidintel gets home from work.
I did notice today that a couple lower leaves on both NL and LP have some brown spotting. I'm guessing calcium deficiency since they are still in "seedling starter" soil. I'll be getting them into their new home and starting them on some CalMag asap.

I wanted to get them transplanted a week ago, but the past couple weeks were really hectic here. Root ball is certainly dense.
You know it! I want the chair between AG and Shed. Let me try that AK Shed :Rasta:

Pretty cool you and your son are growing together. One day, I hope to help my son set up his first grow. I got to get him through college first lol!

How did you come to settle on 20 gallons, Beez? How extreme does your weather get up there?
What, if anything, did you learn from last year that will make you more prepared this year?

Cheers Beez!
Lookin forward to seein that NL grow out, I've been loving this strain. Mine are from dope seeds, I've got two outside adjusting, along with a couple of Peyote's from Shed.

Your plants look awesome!!!!!!

What's great about this grow is that I'm growing the same strain/breeder as Age (NL from Dope Seeds), Amy (WW from Dope Seeds) and Shed (LPa from Barney's Farm). Will make for some good cross-referencing. :cool:
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