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[BEGINNER] aquarium DWC questions


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Hi everyone. ive always been just watching in the sidelines learning new things but finally decided to take the plunge into growing in DWC. the concept really appeals to me and i need to learn more about it. i already bought some equipments but need the advice of an expert. im using greenman's method Marijuana Hydroponics Systems its the one labeled "water culture system" that i will be trying.

i have a 10 gallon glass aquarium which i will be light proofing.
1 airpump with no check valve Tetra Whisper 10 Air Pump
its a shitty 10 gallon airpump i thought it would be good enough but seems to be generating too few bubbles. am i wrong?

im going to get net pots, styrofoam, lights, grow medium to start it up but only after your guys' approval.

what should i do from this point? how many plants should i fit and how many airpumps?

also, what kind of nutrients should i use and how to use it?

this specific information was hard to find even after looking here and there. if somebody could answer my questions that would be great! thanks


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The rule of thumb for the amount of plants in a DWC hydroponic set up is a minimum of 5 gallons nutrient per plant. More is better but 5 gallons is minimum. A bigger or second pump might feed the containers better but the water can only hold so much oxygen. Keep the reservoir temps below 70 and it will not grow algae easily and hold more o2. Keep the air pumps above the reservoir to avoid a siphoning effect if power fails. Start nutrients off at 1/2 to 3/4 strength and build up. Watch the plants for a slight leaf tip burn. once that's reached back off the nutrients 15% to 20% and stay at that strength. I prefer a 1 part nutrient like Pure Blend Pro but others like mixing and matching. You could ask at your local hydro store about organic hydro nutrients. Your going to have to determine which way you want to go. Organic or chemical. Pure Blend pro is easy and still allows you to run hydro. Which ever way you go your going to need a PH kit and a PPM or EC meter to run hydro as well. Before you even think about starting a grow your going to need a light tight room that you can control the environment in. IE...heat and smell. It's best to have the room up and running with all the bugs worked out before you start the plants or else you could be wasting seed.
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