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Okay so since I am on a phone. When trying to open files some photos don’t load the full picture old what it is it’s been like that since I joined. So I can’t really see the full pictures.
But from what I see. You have some nice healthy green leaves.
Your buds look great and frosty. Super sticky.
Although you mention powdery mildew. I’m not sure if I see any?
I thought those were all sticky trichomes.
Like I said some photos won’t load properly in phone.
Most hairs were orange. There were some whites I see. But not so much that I think you cut way to early.
So yes I’m kinda thinking you could have waited another week If you wanted to.
But I like chopping a lil early myself.
As I am to paranoid to wait for so many amber trichomes as I’ve read those are degraded.
So no thanks..
I really love the photo of that bud next to the bud wash photo. So many trichomes.
I love it.
Nice phat nugs hangin. Your going to have a good time smoking up your buddy’s I say XD
So great first grow friend.
I’d be happy with that in my closet XD


Cheers bro, I loved the experience of growing my first ever MaryJane plant and appreciated having you guys along for the ride with me.
Heres a couple of photos which I was worrying was white powdery mildew. Not 100% if it was or not but either way its all been cleaned now and seems to be drying out nicely.


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Well after lookin at the last group. I think maybe the first photo looks a bit odd.
But it might have been the water reflection.
I think I only see mushroom sized trichomes :drool:
But if you saw pm better safe then sorry.
gotta trust the gut sometimes.
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