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Beginner Grower and Builder Questions

Dr Light

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Hello everyone! I just recently decided to start growing my own plant for recreational use. I don't intend to do it sloppy and I do intend to put as much pride as I can in my build and my plants. Question is, I have no idea where to start. For the past couple of weeks I have been studying the science behind what it takes to grow such beautiful plants.

To begin, I have decided to grow it indoors in my closet in the corner on a shelf. The space that I have available to me is:

30inch Wide
40inch Height
12inch Deep

PLEASE correct me if I am wrong in anything below!

I do understand that there are different cycles the plant goes through. Vegetative Cycle lasts about 4 weeks and requires either 24 hours of light OR 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. Then comes the Budding Cycle which lasts 4-6 weeks when the flowers or buds start to appear. This is the part of the plant you smoke. The leaves get trimmed because we smoke the flower part, not the leaves which is apparently a misconception. If you start getting little sacs, this means you have a male and therefore must start over with different seeds.

Question 1:
When you trim the flowers or buds off of the plant, can you keep it in your grow box and will it produce more buds? Or must I start the cycle again from scratch?

Question 2:
Are there different kinds of seeds you can purchase? Which ones are the best? Can you tell the sex by the seeds? And how do you know which are healthy and which are not?

Now I do want to keep a consistent cycle going in my closet. I want to build a box that is divided in half for both cycles so I can rotate my plants to keep a consistent cycle of flowers. I have built a small sketch during my break today below:


I will build a simple box made of wood with two doors connected with hinges keeping two controlled cycles in one box. two doors, two cycles, two compartments, one box.

From what I understand the Vegetation cycle is great at a more yellow light (3000K). This will be grown 4 weeks in the left compartments. Afterwards after 4 weeks, I will transport it to compartment two to the right and use more of a white light (5000k) until a harvest.

Question 3:
I keep hearing about CFL lighting. What are the benefits of this kind of lighting? Iv'e seen people use heat lamps. What is the better of the two and why? Also, do I have my cycles correct and Kelvin temperature correct?

Question 4:
What kind of soil is best to use? Is it just normal soil that is purchased at a local hardware garden section?

Question 5:
How frequent do you water? Does it depend on the cycle? Does filtered water matter?

Question 6:
One other thing that is not shown in the drawing is any ventilation or fans. Wondering what is the best fan or fans to use? I do understand I need separate fans for both compartments. Do I need to make holes in the box for air to escape?

Question 7:
I did read something about keeping a PH Balance? How does that work? Also, does the box need to be a certain temperature?

Question 8:
What is the best material to line the inside of the box. I heard foil or car reflective visors work. But is there a more professional way of doing it?

Question 9:
Are there any dangers of doing this inside my closet? Will it make my clothes smell? Do I need to vent this outside of a window somehow?

Thanks for all the help! I will be constantly on my thread if I have more questions and I hope you guys don't think I'm a total noob! Thanks again!

David Bowman

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:welcome: to :420:

You have a lot of great questions, very much the same ones I had when I first joined. Might I suggest you spend some time reading How to Grow Marijuana - Everything You Need to Know!. I literally spent hours going through this entire section and I believe it will answer the majority of your questions. Please do not feel I am putting you off in any way, this is an important first step in learning how to grow this magnificent plant. Just an FYI, the vegetative stage prefers a higher Kelvin rating of light, say 5000-6500K while the flowering stage prefers a lower Kelvin range, say 2700-3000K, although mixing up spectrums is another option that some members prefer.
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