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Beginner's First guerilla try! need help


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So today I went to my place again to water the plant and also I applied some Epsom salts.

The way i did it was:
- I let some Epsom on the soil
- then watered
- then a little bit more Epsom
- then watered again

it seemed to absorb everything pretty fast (like in 10 seconds most of the water and salts were gone - but then again maybe she was thirsty because I haven't watered her for 4 days)

is that the right way to do it? and how many times should I do it again?


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I don't know your area but if this plant is just in the ground I usually only water maybe 2 times shortly after setting it out. Now if it is in a container than that can very widely. After that, I only water the plant when I fertilize. Consider this during the vegetative growth stage you want your plant to produce roots...roots and still more roots. Now what do plants do as the soil dries out? Well, they grow out roots searching for water. Make your plant live where it's planted. I only fertilize under cover grows 2-3 times a season. Remember that after vegetative growth the plant will naturally gradually go through a transition phase as it begins it's pre-flower to early flower stages. It then glides into late flowering and senescence. Basically it shifts from making and storing energy from the sun in it's roots to utilizing that stored energy to make flowers. The more root mass- the more potential flower growth.

One last note and again I don't know your area. But, here in Appalachia the woods are full of folks who don't just visit the woods on weekends....we live here. If you visit your plants 2 times by the same path you might be alright. You go three times and a person like me is going to read that like a road map. You visit every week and you might as well pave a path. There are some exceptions to this but not many.
Best of luck!


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Hello friends!!

I am sad to inform you that the plant died pretty much a month after plantation (I don't really know why :/)

Anyway I got the time to spend on planting a new one right now but I don't know if it's the right season to plant outside.
What would you advise me to do?
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