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Beginning the set-up!


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Here ive got my Clone/storage box and mother/veg box pretty much ready to go, i just gotta get backs for both boxes, some fans, and paint the clone box a matte white like the mother box. To the right i will be setting up a 4'x4' 600w HPS grow tent with a carbon scrubber inside the tent and another outside the tent ( im in an apartment)
Im mostly looking for input on how you guys think this is going to work once its all set-up (painted, got all equipment and backs, and ready to grow)



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If you can see the little black clips on the light in the clone box, thats what i use to adjust the lights up and down, it works nicely. Also, i planned on adding 2 more bulbs in the mother box on either side, but the clone box should be fine
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