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Being sick around your plants


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Its starting to get cold around here and I usually come down with a cold around this time. Is it safe to be around my plants or what? I feel this cold coming on early.


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i think you will be safe to be around your plants dude ;] .. unless it is some rare strain of human-plant disease! then you may want to check with an ethnobotanist just to be safe :3:

get well soon!! :Namaste:


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I think it would be safer for the plants ...... since you are less likely to smoke it all up when you're sick.


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Noooooo dont give your plants the canna-flu!!!


its fine my friend, if anything the nice clean oxygen your plants produce may help you get well faster so spend MORE time with them, they will certainly appreciate breathing your co2...it must be :love:


Member of the Month: Dec 2012
Thanks everyone. I didnt know what to think. Last thing I need would be sick plants. I may take care of them more than I do my self lol. They do have a healing process of there own Muttt. The cure is in the buds :rasta: :thumb:

Giga Ill be sliding my bed in the grow room then, all that love who can deny it :circle-of-love: lol
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