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Beni's Rookie Grow Op


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Hello and :welcome: fellow growers and readers. I finally feel like I'm ready to dip into marihuana cultivation and am eager to see what happens. I've done countless hours of reading on these forums and others and have learned about all types of techniques from all types of growers.

I'm not really familiar with all the lighting technicalities but right now I'm running a T5 fixture with 8 lamps (I got this used and it keeps burning lamps):18:

Some grow info
Strain: Agent Orange and Special Kush
Soil: roots organic 707 formula
Weeks since planted: 4 weeks

I'm going to be trying a few different things simultaneously to see which works best since that's what most growers have been advising. I should be taking clones from them soon (sometime this week) so stay tuned. Here are some earlier pics from when I first bought them. They were clones from a local medical patient.

Your advise/criticism is welcome; wish me luck :peace:


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Hey I'm back! My babies are 4 weeks old today. 6 of my plants have undergone LST and the other 6 are being grown wildly. I plan on transplanting them either today or tomorrow, I just need to make a few changes to my grow room. They are looking nice and healthy for the most part with some leaf yellowing. Up to now I have fed them 4 times (twice with sea green and twice with fox farm grow big plant food).

I'm gonna take 2 of these plants and turn them into mothers in 2.5 gallon pots and see if I can get them to grow bonsai style. I'll update again once my rooms are up to par.

Average temp: 73-75
Average humidity: 35-50%
Watering: every other day (I mist them almost everyday)


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So I put up my new light. Big kahuna 6". I like it, my plants are getting more light. I also picked out my two mother plants and transferred them. I can't wait to see how they're doing tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will put some finishing touches on my flowering room. I still can't decide whether I should use 3 or 5 gallons. And I'm not sure whether I should go with pots or bags.


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Hey Beni going to sub up.
I would personally vote for the 5 gallons for the final pots for flowering, usually tend to stay away from the bags, even though cheaper, pots can be re used a lot more, plus I feel like it keeps the root zone a little more intact. If you are moving the plants abit the bags are not what you are going to want. you can even get 3 gallon pots and 5 gals, start in the 3s and let them veg for abit longer in those, and then transfer again to the 5 gallons a week prior to flower, all adds up on how you want to proceed :) I can see your girls might have a couple deficiencies starting, definitely get these girls into some new soil asap to get them some needed space to stretch their root zone. You should see some significant growth throughout the week from transplant, they are getting big for red party cups ;) I would also watch how much you spray the surfaces of leaves & watch very closely if you keep spraying them, it can promote powder mildew if conditions are right, which is a freaking nightmare.

Some Q's; What type of water are you using? & nutrients?

best of luck on your first grow op Beni!

:joint: CA


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Hey CA, thnx for the sub.

Here's my current water filter (idk how it came out sideways) :50:

Im using roots organic soil and haven't really started any nutrients. I've fed them with fox farm grow big and sea green once. Im going to stick them in pots, however still conflicted on how long I want to veg for. I'm leaning toward shorter veg time.

As far as spraying them; by veg room temp as risen to 90 since I've installed the big kahuna. So I have to figure a way to bring it back down. :32:

:peace: for now!


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Merry Xmas, been busy the past couple days but lets get down to it.

My plants finally went into some new soil.

I put them in various pot/bag sizes to give me an idea of what I want to use next time around. There's defiantly going to be more uniformity all around. I have them in the flowering room but have not started flowering. They're under 1000w hps bulbs. Room temp is a solid 78. I'm not sure how far to keep my lights from my plants? I think I'm going to wait a week or 2 and then begin flowering.

Ok the mothers

They're loving their new containers and the fact that they get to soak up all the light. I'm going to be cutting them in a couple of says and attempt to shape them into some serious mothers.

Next step is to get my rooms organized which I've been putting off for a couple of days but hey it's the holidays :;):


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