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Berkeley Will Again Consider 4th Cannabis Dispensary

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Five days after the House of Representatives passed groundbreaking legislation calling on the federal government to stop targeting legitimate medical cannabis dispensaries, the Berkeley City Council is set to discuss whether to allow a fourth dispensary to open. But the council, which delayed a decision two times already, may delay it a third time when it meets tonight if Mayor Tom Bates has his way. The political climate is still too uncertain to guarantee that a new dispensary can open successfully, according to Bates.

“He is not in favor of it going forward at this time because of the continuing uncertainty at the federal level,” said Charles Burress, Bates’ spokesman. “It’s better to wait for further clarification. He hopes that eventually we can add a fourth one, but right now is not the time to do it.” The news that the council might delay a fourth dispensary is disappointing, particularly since it may lead to more illegal operations opening up in Berkeley, said Charlie Pappas, a member of the Medical Cannabis Commission. Berkeley’s three current dispensaries are at or over capacity, and in recent years at least three collectives have been operating illegally to meet the demand, he said. If a fourth dispensary doesn’t open soon, the trend might continue, said Pappas. In fact, the MCC has recommended that the city allow six dispensaries to operate.

“The Commission thinks it’s more than time, it’s overdue, and there should be more than one,” said Pappas. “A possible consequence of inaction by the city council would be collectives become dispensaries again.” City Councilwoman Susan Wengraff said she thinks Berkeley should forge ahead with setting the parameters for opening a fourth dispensary, even though she personally prefers to leave the number at three. (She is definitely opposed to having six.) “I would like to see this go ahead,” said Wengraf. “They (the Medical Cannabis Commission) have been working long enough on this. I think it’s time to move forward.” Berkeley voters adopted Measure TT in 2010 permitting the addition of a fourth dispensary to Berkeley. The measure also increased the taxes levied on the sale of medical cannabis.

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