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Bernzo's First CFL Mini-Grow Attempt


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over time this grow will get better and more advanced, i never intended to go indoors but i did on a whim, so please excuse the raggedness of the current setup :)

Hello and thanks to all who are checking this journal out!

This is the first time I've ever grown with CFL lights and any experience indoors is limited. Most of what I've grown was just bagseed tossed into a spot of light in the woods somewhere to may or may not come back to.

The grow as of now is a single bag seed that was sprouted in dirt in an okra and oregano vegetable planter outside just for the joy of doing so without much intent on really doing anything with it. That was 7/3/2013, so 10 days in as of now. 3 days outside in dirt (seed) and it broke surface, on day six it was about the size of my index finger and about 1 1/2" tall! :D

A few days ago it was going to storm pretty badly and i felt for the little girl or guy and decided to scoop it up out of there and get it inside. I didn't really plan to put it indoors but hey... it happened. So it was time for some quick thinking on where to put it. Now comes the CFL portion of the show!

After reading many journals I liked the way the small (and larger) scale ops where being done with the CFL's and LST'ing. I decided I wanted it to be small and bushy with a passable yield and CFL's seem the way to go.

Non-existent & What money? This is just a test run and if it turns out all right I have more seeds to sprout, It is a weed after all, dirt, water, light, and some love is all it needs! So yeah no nutes (maybe in the future) , no fancy lights(except my ultra high tech wonder piece), and aluminum foil in all its shiny, laser making, hole burning glory. :D

The Setup
6x 23 watt cfl bulbs @ 2700k producing 1600 lumens a piece = 138 watts/9600 lumens
2x 13 watt cfl bulbs @ 2700k producing 900 lumens a piece = 26 watts/1800 lumens
1x small computer fan
3x 120v plug to light socket adapters
3x dual light socket adapters
1x surge protector
cardboard and foil hood/some zip ties/string/carpet tape
1x gallon pot my raspberry bush came in
and some miscellaneous dirt from planters, the ground, and a chunk of dead palm roots in the bottom of the pot with one layer of grass clippings about an inch under the surface for nitrogen and other gases.
no ph, hydrom, etc
and water, never forget the water!

So there you have it! Any comments and tips are well appreciated and I look forward to many grows!
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KingJohn, Thanks for the input! I did read about the proper K scale, the 2700's were just cheap :) I am going to mix it up when I have a little more to spend and more time to prepare! As for the Mylar I swore I had some packs laying around here but I will keep an eye out in the stores. Any good cheap recommendations on the ferts and nutes?


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Thanks again KingJohn, after reading, reading and reading some more I am going to try and give it the best care I can manage. I am def looking into the nutrients and bloom mixes now and I will be sprouting a few more seeds to ensure a fem. The seeds are all bag seed and came from at least 6 diff strains so it should be fun waiting for them to reveal themselves! It's hard not to poke my head in there every 2 minutes, so taking on 2 or so more plants will occupy me :) Is my 160+ watts good enough to do the job for 2-3 very small plants? From what ive read some people get by with barely half that so I should be in a better spot? Also I am guessing this may be sativa geno from the thick leaves but only time will tell I guess!


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I am located on the mid atlantic, east coast, usa. I am not totally broke but pretty much. Im sure I can manage something if i try hard enough so i will be putting effort toward flora series but i have seen maxi stuff locally so maybe that route. KingJohn, how many grows under your green belt? and have you ever heard of "the weedman" or something from Canada? i used to go to his webiste years ago to look at all his huuuuuge buds. I think his name was John C too, just a thought


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Looking forward to seeing your grow, mate! Can't see the pics, though. Anywho, from what I'm reading here, it looks like ya got yer stuff in order. Keep it simple, keep it green, and keep it real. Peace!


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I moved the lights up a few inches, I wasnt having any negative effects yet and it wasnt really hot either, about 80 or so Fdegrees or less. But i moved it nonetheless for assurance! here is a pic or this morning

Anyone know how to remove duplicate photo uploads? i cant find an option for it!

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So i went and picked up a couple of things from the HD, i got

6500k 23 watt cfls
Jobes Heirloom Tomato & Vegetable water soluble plant food with soluble nitrogen (yeah i know.. cheap)
some peat pods for sprouts that im starting to germ tonight
a few organic starter pots
some scotts topsoil, no sticks rocks or nutes, just plain old topsoil
a bag of perlite

Ive mixed up the spectrum with both 2700 and 6500. so now its 4x23 watt 6500k's and 4 x23 watts 2700k's. I think im on the right path now (thanks to all the journals and KingJohns persuasion) and I will stick with the mixed spectrum until flowering.
I re-potted the small plant that was in foul dirt (the original, plant #1) with the topsoil (i screened the soil even though it says no rocks/sticks) and mixed with a couple handfuls of the perlite. then filled the bottom about 3-4 inches deep with the plite.
Once ready to replant i popped a finger down in the dirt that was good for the previous depth put a flick of root powder in there and planted it. once in i watered it with 1 1/2 cup with a tiny smidge of the Jobes mixed in and poured around the pot and roots. Misted the plant and that was it! Thanks for looking!


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no changes today. 4 seeds put into pods last night. I also decided to only log what i want and when i want, between work and doctors appointments i have no time to really spare. so far its mostly been useless anyway other than 1 or 2 people telling me what i already knew or couldnt afford or read about! ill be back in a few days just to update

easy days

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