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Berrydizzle's Grow, Multiple Strains, Never Ending...

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Ok guys, as you can tell from the title(hopefully), this will be my last grow journal but will contain all of the grows that I have in the future. Im tired of starting a new thread every time I have a new grow. I have big plans for the future, pretty much just trying to breed my own perfect strain, and I will let all of you watch. I am starting with my first home made cross, White Russian X Blueberry.

Right now I have 26 plants vegging...or re-vegging. This is what I have:
1 WCF#9 vegging female from seed(the biggest)...sex determined by clone
3 WCF flowering clones(taken at 6 days 12/12), from 2 different phenos
2 re-vegging WR clones(different phenos). Their #'s are 1 and 3.
4 re-vegging WRxBB clones(different phenos). #'s 2,6,7 and 8
1 WCF#9 re-vegging clone

And then the normal clones...
5 WR#1 clones
4 WRxBB#2 clones
2 WRxBB#6
2 WRxBB#7
2 WRxBB#8

I will save 1 of all the normal clones, and flower the others, so I can have a non vegged mother for future use once I find the best pheno. Thats all for now, I have a picture awaiting approval, have it up soon. Ill post more details about my equipment, nutes, ect. later. Peace!:439:

Be Irie

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Sounding good Berry.... I wish I could have that many babies!!! I love the variety of clones you have going... Good luck in your search for your perfect bud!!!! :peace:


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Its not like im going on a search to find the best bud, im really just out to create my own perfect strain, something that I know will take lots of time and patience. I have seeds ready to go down, they are from a local grower who has made his own cross, the plant is Macado and Maple Leaf. So hopefully I can use a male or 2 of those to cross with the WRxBB. He says the Macado strain only has a 45 day flowering time! How would you like to have that trait in all your strains!

So, I am planning on saving one unflowered clone of each pheno as a mother. This leaves me with 21 plants to do stuff with. I think I will be flowering all the re-vegging clones, even though they are not fully back to veg state yet. I have 10 re-vegging plants alone, so its looking like this grow is going to be around 16 plants. Im thinking about trying a sea of green technique.

And here is a pic to let you see them all and the set-up...

1 250w MH on the left and 1 125w floro on the right. They are loving life right now!


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NICE! ill be paying close attention to this journal i have been reading alot on breeding and want to do some of my own latter on


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Alright, here are the pics taken on 3/9.

Here are the new nutes I am using now...all organic baby. We will see how it will go!

These are the WCF revegged clones. 1 off of the #3 and 2 off the #1. These clones were taken of a plant 6 days into flowering.

This is where I clone. I have 2 more clones that need to root for a 100% success rate.

Here are the hydros I am doing. 1 WR and 1 WRxBB.

These are seedlings. One has showed pre-flowers and she is a female. Its the WR. The other two are unknown.

WCF#9. And the clone that proved it. Both will be flowered.

Here are all the WR#1's. The flowered one is in the back.

Here are the WRxBB#2's. The flowered one is in the back.

WR#3. She is re-vegged...she is the only #3 clone I have.




These plants will be flowered after a few more weeks...or so.


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I dont know dude, you may wanna get another pot, cut out the bottom and put it on top of the other one. Fill it with soil, and I think it will grow roots from above and not get any taller. It will give you another 6" of base to hold her up too :) once the roots on the top are done, you can trim the bottom. But it's hard to see how large those are, so ??

Just a stoned thought.


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Awesome Berry!!!! May this be the hugest thread of sweet grows... of all time.


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Ok, so i know I have been absent for a minute...i am reaping the benefits of my last grow and staying pretty busy as well, but keeping up with the babies and all the attention they need. I've also spent lots of time the last couple of days getting the plants ready to flower. They have day 1 of flowering tomorrow and I will post pics after I take them. They have had the last 6 days under the 1000W MH, so they pretty much exploded. There are 18 I think, with a test organic hydro deep water culture being 2 of them. All females. Should be a sick grow, im so excited! Especially since im going 100% organic, and my own cross.

Pics up tomorrow! :peace:
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