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Berry's DIY DWC Diesel and West Coast Funk Soil Grow


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Hey guys, its me again. I figured since the name of my other journal (the White Russian Flowering Clones one) has nothing to do with what I am doing right now, I would start a different grow journal. The name says it all really, I created a Deep Water Culture hydro system from stuff from home depot and wal-mart, and I also have some seeds from a friend over on the west side...hence the name. I will have pictures on here awaiting approval, so when they are done I will get them up asap.

Ok, well here are the supplies from what I made the Hydro DWC system from. These are all the products and their prices that were used...
-55L storage bin with lid 4.97
-Air pump 7.32
-Air wand 4.68
-Air line for the pump and wand 2.78
-Glue 4.97
-Water pump 13.99
-Water pump tubing .59
-Kilz Spray Primer 3.64
-Kilz Black Spraypaint 3.42

Total $ spent for one- 46.36...not to bad

Ill post the pics of how I made the system later...

Peace guys, pics soon to come!


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Looking forward to this, what kinda diesel is that? And whats this funk all about?

The diesel is just straight NYC Diesel, not sour or anything. Thats what my friend told me who gave me the plant. I remember I smoked one of its sisters before and it smelled like diesel fuel, it was crazy.

About the West Coast Funk, as I said, they were just gift seeds from a friend and I have seen the finished product...and it is funk.

Now here is how I made the hydro system and how it is working now...

The top to the veg tub, for flowering I have 2 tubs with 5 holes.

10 gallons for the res.

Paint it black to keep all the light out, paint the top too

Add the air stone and the water pump

Here it is all done, now it just needs the water and the plants...

Just showing some root growth in the new hydro

One flowering tub, all the roots from these plants are falling in the water

The other flowering tub, 3 plants are still waiting for roots to come out of the rockwool

New hydro growth.

3 west coast funks(front L and R and back L) and 1 diesel clone(back R)

Four more west coast funks...

So these are all the pics for now. Ill post in a week or so, probably when flowering time comes around.

I do have a question for hydro growers, what is a good TDS of nutes for vegging clones a couple of weeks old?
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Ill be sticking around, someday ill try hydro. The plants look like their liking the hydro too very green and healthy, GoodLuck. Cant wait to see the WestCoastFunk.


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im still in love with that dro system. lol 46 seems almsot free for a dro systme bro. REPS.lol


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Thanks everyone for tuning in, and the positive comments. This grow is proving to be very interesting.

Ok, so today is the first day of 12/12. I switched the light last night and changed the time. I took some pictures yesterday...after looking at these plants 5 days ago, I cant believe my eyes!! As soon as the roots hit the water in the hydro the plants just took off. You will see what I am talking about.

Ill have the pics up as soon as they are approved.


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lol hahah everythign is so tempting when you have limited funds lol am i right?:p cant wait for the pics berry sound like a huge suprise:3:


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Ok, so the pics are approved and now I will post them with explanation...

Hydro bin #1 on 1/5


Hydro bin #1 on 1/10. A huge difference, I cant believe how fast the side chutes are growing(see below)

Roots of bin #1

Hydro bin #2 on 1/5

Bin #2 on 1/10

Roots of bin #2

The monstrous diesel. She probably wont get much light till some of the males are removed.

Hope you enjoyed. Ill have info on my hydro feeding schedule tomorrow.
Peace. :439:
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Nice progress on those clones dude and that Diesel is looking amazing +rep


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Looking good in the hydro. Do any of the roots rest in the water?
Batgirl is still rockin!

Yes, actually all of the roots are in the water...the water line is about a 1/2 inch below the mesh pots that hold the plants. As soon as the roots hit the water the plants take off.
As I said earlier, I am using General Hydroponics 3 part flora series for the hydro. The week of vegging, I used a mild fert strength, it was 2.5 tsp each of all 3 parts, with 3 tsp hygroguard, and the ppm at 320. The first week of flowering I gave 3 tbs, 1 tsp each for a ppm of 650. The plants still look like they can handle plenty more nutrients so I will up the nutes to around 800-900 ppm next week. pH is always kept around 5.6-6.0.
I dont know what to do with batgirl anymore. She is so huge. Cant wait to get a few males out of the room so I can give her more space.
Thats it for now, Im out! Peace :439:


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Yo Spence, glad to have you. I know you will love watching these things grow. And this hydro is incredible. Pretty much all I can say about that.

I actually just got on here to THANK MOOSE for introducing the best plant supplemen in the world, Sea Tea. I have not even seen its benefits during flowering yet, so far all I have been using the tea for is for the first watering after a transplant. I drench the new soil with the sea tea formula and I see roots out of the bottom of the new pots the next day.

That having been said, I will get back to taking pre-flowering pics of all the plants(its actually day three). I will get those pics on here when I revise them.

Peace for now! :439:


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Ok, so here are all the pre-flowering pictures, taken 1/13, on the third day of flowering. The heights that go along with them are taken on the first day of flowering.

Re-vegged diesel clone 13 1/2 in

WCF #1 - 15 1/2 in

WCF #2 - 17 1/2 in

WCF #3 - 17 in

WCF #4 - 17 in

WCF #5 - 16 1/2 in

WCF's 6 and 7 were stunted early, catching up now

WCF #6 - 8 1/2 in

WCF #7 - 9 in

And there's always gotta be a blueberry!

22 in, but topped 3 days before flowering so there should be some crowns for sure.

Hydro bin #1. You can see how much they grew in one day. Aight, i gotta go roll a blunt before I post the Diesel pics. Hope you enjoyed. :439:
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And now for the monster, as she will now be referred to as, the diesel female.

Lots of tie down strings

Now some top shots

I am expecting to get at least 4 oz off this one plant. Once I can clear out the few males I am expecting, I will be able to give her more light.

Thats it for now folks. Peace.:439:
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