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Berry's White Russian, Purple Kool Aid and Deep Chunk Soil Grow


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Sorry for the lack of updates guys. I just harvested my previous grow, and a with all the other journals I have, once harvest time comes, I tend to slack off on the posting. The reason is self-explanitory. But that having been said, things are going great. The plants are getting to about 10 inches. I had 2 males by pre-flowers so they are now gone. Out of the 16 left, 2 have shown female pre-flowers. They are starting to smell pretty strongly as well. I am contemplating transplanting them to their 3 gallon pots that they will be in for the rest of the grow. I want them to start growing faster but I just don't want to waste 15 gallons of soil on 5 plants that will be males.

I will post more pics very soon.

-Berry out :allgood:


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Alright guys...looks like the updates will be a little more delayed than I thought. I think my computer has a virus. Although I have a mac, I do not know how to resize and post on the mac system. I am out of town buying some supplies to soup up the tent so stay tuned! This journal is not over!

-Berry out :allgood:


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Ok so here we go...these first pics were taken Dec. 19 under my old MH hood, before their new pots, and a week or 2 after my FIMing.



You can see this top turned out nicely. Not sure if this one is a boy or girl.

Now here are the pictures from earlier today. I hooked up the cool tube with the reflector and it pretty much covers the whole 4x4 tent. Here are the pics of the plants now.


A view from outside the tent seeing the hood and the plants.


Here is a shot of some of the plants. The three Deep Chunk are the short ones in the front middle.


Top view of the Deep Chunk. You can tell they are hardcore indica.


A FIM that turned out pretty good. Not sure what plant this is.


The right side of the tent.


Two outside the tent. The one on the right is either a WR or PKA and is a female. This pic shows good color.


A last view before I zip up the tent. I will probably flower in 2 weeks or so.


The temps are just right!

As far as pre-flowers go, I have killed 4 males and have found 4 females. So I'm now down to 14 plants. The plants were transplanted yesterday to 2 gallon pots with FFOF soil and watered with 5mL hygrozyme to help the roots expand and help with general stress.

Hope you enjoy the update, if there are any questions dont hesitate to ask. :)

-Berry out :allgood:


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Ok fellas, here is my next update. Yesterday I took clones from the plants. 23 total. I am starting flowering tonight. So far, from preflowers, I have 3 WR and 2 PKA females. That leaves 1 WR, 4 PKA and all 3 Deep Chunks to show their sexes once flowering. Here are the last pics before flowering.


Here are the 4 WR that are left. The 3 on the left side are females.


Here is a top shot of the three female WR's. THe FIMing pretty much turned out awesome on all the plants.


The Deep Chunk, they will not be FIMed. They are looking amazing.


The Deep Chunk from the side, looks like they will end up being just one big cola when they are finished.


The 1st 3 PKA. The one on the left was FIMed twice and grew through it both times. Strong plant!


Those 3 PKA from a top view. These plants are going to have so many top buds, Im so stoked.



The last 3 PKA, and a top view of them.


The tent before I close it up.

Things are really about to start to take off. Im so stoked for these next two months! Stick around!

-Berry out :allgood:


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Hello Berry,

This is my first post in the forum. I just went through Boss's Journal (took 3 days to read it all and loved it) and im looking forward to read yours.

I did 3 grows already, but more then 2 years ago. Used a 1000 HPS in a big room and did almost everything wrong. Still i had a decent harvest (or so i though, until i found this forum).

My next grow will start in maybe 1 month, and i will have a small tent with a 400 HPS with 80cm*80cm*160cm, Im gonna grow 3 WW and 1 Train Wreck (bought the WW and i was offered 1 femenized Train Wreck).

I will also have a small space (45cm*65cm*180cm) to grow BlueBerrys under CFL lights, choose those seeds becouse plants are small and fast, and the space is really tight.

I was wondering about that FIM thing. Can you elaborate a litte more on that? Whats the advantage and how is it done?

Good luck for your crop, its looking great so far.


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So, I have been trying to upload photos for about a week now. Not sure why I am not able to, it says the file size is too big even when I go 75% smaller than the first size. I'm going to try again today. Things are looking great, little buds are all over the place and they are getting frosty already. Can't wait to share it with u guys.

-Berry out :allgood:


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How did this grow turn out?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info! :1:

If you need any help with posting photos, please read the photo gallery tutorial:
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I am moving this to abandoned journals until we get updates.

Thanks and hope all is well in your world!

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine!
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