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Best Blunt?


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I like purple haze.. I let the papers dry out for a few mins before i try to roll them because they usually seem really wet and they tend to rip on me!


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Aren't blunts part tobacco? if so...none is my answer. I refuse to destroy the taste of good cannabis by mixing it with nasty tobacco or other flavors. My idea of a great joint is pure weed in either a clear paper or a good old fashion zig zag.


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4 Paper zig-zag blunt.It took a while to learn how to do it,and I don't want any tobacco near the blunt.If I want that I'll smoke some after the blunt.:smokin:


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Blunts come in so many shapes and sizes/variations! Unfortunately, none of them do it for me. I have had them flavored, I have had them made by taking a 1/4 and smashing it in the baggie, then poring it into the cigar leaves.

It's the same reason for me as Racefan, I love the taste and natural flavors of Cannabis. I want as little as possible in between me and her :)
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